Petozi is an elcor at Rift Station, on Noveria's Peak 15. He runs a small kiosk and can sell Commander Shepard some basic equipment and supplies, though most of his stock has been commandeered by Captain Ventralis.

He is one of two merchants who sells the Kassa Fabrication License.

Nervous and worried about the turn of events, Petozi mentions that he is becoming more and more concerned about the guards at the station, as they have not slept in days. Shepard is surprised that he is running a store under the circumstances, but Petozi claims he has nothing better to do. If Shepard balks at the opportunism, Petozi points out that he gives freely to Ventralis and his men. Shepard's team aren't being paid to protect the civilians, as the elcor delicately puts it. If baited for information regarding Matriarch Benezia, Petozi reveals he only knows that an asari Matriarch has visited the facility recently, citing rumors that she has gone down to the hot labs.

If fighting breaks out between Shepard's squad and the guards, Petozi along with the other civilians will refuse to have any further interactions with Shepard. In some outcomes he even disappears from the station altogether. If not, Petozi keeps his head down, and wishes for Shepard to take the shooting elsewhere. Either way, he becomes unavailable once Matriarch Benezia has been dealt with, since access to Rift Station is cut off.

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