Shepard's Apartment on Intai'sei has a nice view

Travel to the Phoenix system in the Argos Rho cluster. Explore your new home on the planet Intai'sei.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

You will receive this assignment after completing Ahern's special scenario on Pinnacle Station.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Activate the terminal that says 'Message Waiting' once inside Shepard's Apartment on Intai'sei. The message describes a convoy which has some equipment that can be purchased for a nominal fee. The equipment falls into three categories by ship: A purchase from the MSV Collins will cost 5,000 credits and result in a random tier IV upgrade, armor, or weapon, a purchase from the MSV Adams will cost 75,000 credits and result in a random tier VIII upgrade, armor, or weapon, and a purchase from the MSV Wallace will cost 220,000 credits and result in a random tier X upgrade, armor, or weapon. The assignment will be marked as complete after the first purchase, but can be repeated an infinite number of times if desired.

The terminal for use in this assignment in the foreground

Often the items granted from the assignment differ greatly from their cost at other merchants, sometimes more and other times significantly less. These purchases are not dependent on character levels, and present the possible acquisition of powerful items early in the game. Repeatedly ordering items from the MSV Wallace appears to be one of the faster ways to acquire a number of rare and valuable items; the best Bio-amps and Omni-tools, the best Quarian Armor, the rather intriguing krogan Rage Armor from the Geth Armory, and perhaps most usefully of all, the entire set of Spectre - Master Gear - at a fraction of their cost from other vendors.

Also, repeatedly ordering items from the MSV Collins is a good way to build a stockpile of cheap items to convert into Omni-gel, especially later in the game when all items acquired are worth 10,000 credits or more.

To ensure that you get the items you want it may be a good idea to save before buying something then save again after the item is bought and arrives, so if you end up with an unwanted item all you have to do is load the previous save and buy another item.

Possible Items[edit | edit source]

Items received are chosen randomly from the following lists.

MSV Collins (5,000 credits)
Item Name Item Type
Scorpion IV Light human armor
Predator IV Medium human armor
Mantis IV Medium krogan armor
Ursa IV Light turian armor
Phoenix IV Light quarian armor
Ablative Coating IV Armor Upgrades
Medical Interface IV Armor Upgrades
Stiletto IV Pistols
Tornado IV Shotguns
Thunder IV Assault Rifles
Equalizer IV Sniper Rifles
Combat Sensor IV Weapon Upgrades
Kinetic Stabilizer IV Weapon Upgrades
Rail Extension IV Weapon Upgrades
Hammerhead Rounds IV Ammo Upgrades
Shredder Rounds IV Ammo Upgrades
Tungsten Rounds IV Ammo Upgrades
Cryo Explosive IV Grenade Upgrades
Bluewire IV Omni-tools
Solaris IV Bio-amps
MSV Adams (75,000 credits)
Item Name Item Type
Mantis VII Light human armor
Mercenary VII Light human armor
Liberator VII Medium human armor
Rage VII Heavy krogan armor
Phantom VIII Light turian armor
Colossus VII Light quarian armor
Combat Exoskeleton VIII Armor Upgrades
Energized Plating VIII Armor Upgrades
Karpov VIII Pistols
Sokolov VIII Shotguns
Kovalyov VIII Assault Rifles
Volkov VIII Sniper Rifles
Scram Rail VIII Weapon Upgrades
High Explosive Rounds VIII Ammo Upgrades
Inferno Rounds VIII Ammo Upgrades
Sledgehammer Rounds VIII Ammo Upgrades
Snowblind Rounds VIII Ammo Upgrades
High Explosive VIII Grenade Upgrades
Logic Arrest VII Omni-tools
Prodigy VII Bio-amps
MSV Wallace (220,000 credits)
Item Name Item Type
Explorer X Light human armor
Colossus X Medium human armor
Predator H X Heavy human armor
Phoenix X Medium krogan armor
Berserker X Heavy krogan armor
Predator M X Medium turian armor
Colossus X Light quarian armor
Medical Exoskeleton X Armor Upgrades
HMWP X Pistols
HMWSG X Shotguns
HMWA X Assault Rifles
Pulse Rifle X Assault Rifles
HMWSR X Sniper Rifles
Frictionless Materials X Weapon Upgrades
Kinetic Coil X Weapon Upgrades
Scram Rail X Weapon Upgrades
High Explosive Rounds X Ammo Upgrades
Savant X Omni-tools
Polaris X Bio-amps
Savant X Bio-amps

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