Vidinos throwing a tantrum on losing to humans

Vidinos has accused Bryant of tampering with the simulator; he doesn't think there's any other way a human can beat a turian's scores.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Pinnacle Station

This assignment is received by beginning any of the station's eight initially-unlocked challenges and beating that challenge's high score. Upon exiting the simulator, you will see the turian Vidinos arguing with a human soldier, Lieutenant Bryant.

Vidinos accuses Bryant of cheating because he's beaten several of Vidinos' scores, and "no human could do that". Vidinos is planning to throw Bryant in the brig.

If you intervene, Vidinos will challenge you to beat his scores, and prove that it's possible Bryant got his scores fairly. Vidinos also offers to throw in a weapon as an additional prize.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The task is straightforward: beat Vidinos' scores in all the Pinnacle Station challenges. See Pinnacle Station: Combat Missions for tips on getting high scores in the challenges.

Once you've beaten everyone's scores on the eight basic challenges he will grudgingly admit Bryant may not have cheated after all, and (if reminded of his promise) he will give you a weapon. You may choose from his pistol, assault rifle, shotgun or sniper rifle. Once you have beaten all twelve of the challenges, you may then speak to Admiral Ahern for an additional, special challenge.

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