Pirate Snipers are pirates that are armed with sniper rifles and use the Assassination ability to take down their enemies from a distance. They are usually found in pirate groups at higher elevations or further behind the lines.


  • These Snipers will have between 1 to 3 bars of shielding depending on the location and the difficulty. As is the case with all ME enemies, their shielding regenerates over time. Their health will slowly regenerate as well and some of them will have the Immunity ability for further protection and can use the Shield Boost on Insanity.
  • Their Assassination ability is very dangerous and can instantly take out low-level Shepard and do considerable damage to Mako. It will always be preceded by a laser targeting beam, so make sure not to leave cover for long until you've dealt with them. If you're caught in the open, use Barrier or Immunity to protect yourself. It is also possible to interrupt Assassination by overheating the rifle with Sabotage or disabling the sniper with Lift.
  • These snipers will switch to pistols at short range or if you Sabotage their weapons, becoming less dangerous. When encountered outside, Soldiers and Infiltrators can do pre-emptive sniping against them if they stay out of their line-of-sight. Using the Mako will make combat much easier, but result in lower experience gain.
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