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Turian Pirate

Pirates operate on many worlds in the lawless Terminus Systems. Some make their living by scavenging from shipping lanes, or running lightning raids on lightly-defended outposts. Often pirates will also be involved in slaving, gun running and many other types of criminal endeavours. They usually hide out on uncharted worlds, often in abandoned bases or deep underground. Though pirates are by their nature independent bands looking out for number one, they do acknowledge leaders who prove their ruthlessness or prowess in battle. Their ships are no match for a real warship, but pose a genuine danger to unarmed merchant vessels.

The Alliance has run several pirate suppression campaigns. Their most aggressive was in the 2170s, after pirate bands with batarian sponsorship attacked Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz. Along with tracking anchorages using FTL vectors from Theshaca, the Alliance destroyed pirate bases on Torfan, sending a message to the batarians. Recently the Alliance has set up listening posts in the Styx Theta cluster to monitor pirate activity.

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