Pitne For is a male volus merchant. He does business between Illium and the Terminus Systems.

Pitne's business partner, Dakni Kur, was murdered in a district in Nos Astra on Illium by Eclipse mercenaries. Pitne is eager to leave the planet in fear of his life, despite being protected by two turian bodyguards. He is also afraid of the justicar Samara, who is present at the crime scene and whom he fears will go crazy and start shooting. However, Detective Anaya doesn't allow him to leave as she is conducting an investigation into the murder, and Pitne is one of the suspects.

When Commander Shepard arrives at the space port looking to recruit Samara, they can question Pitne on Samara's influence on the district, and on the details regarding his partner's murder. Pitne asserts doing legitimate business and says he has no idea why Eclipse mercs would try to kill him and his partner. He also tells Shepard that Dakni Kur was killed with a modded shotgun, which are used by the Eclipse.

Later, when Samara tells Shepard to get the truth of the murder out of Pitne, the Commander confronts him. Pitne admits the he and his partner Dakni Kur had swindled the Eclipse by having them purchase a drug that enhances biotic ability. Unfortunately he forgot to tell the Eclipse that lethality is one of the possible side effects. Following that, Pitne is convinced to hand the Commander his pass card to the Eclipse base.

During the assault on the Eclipse base, Shepard can discover that Elnora killed Dakni Kur with a shotgun blast at close range. His body is recovered by the police the following day, and his identity is confirmed by Pitne.

While in the Eclipse base, Shepard can find the shipping manifest which reveals that Pitne smuggled red sand onto Illium. If Shepard gives the evidence to Detective Anaya, Pitne For is arrested, and Shepard receives a small monetary reward. Alternatively, if Shepard confronts Pitne and gives the evidence to him, Shepard receives a larger reward.

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