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This Planet Index table provides an easy way to locate particular assignments in general and collectibles in particular that appear in Mass Effect. This index includes only those planets, moons, asteroids, and starships which can be reached or interacted with in the game.

Planet Index[edit | edit source]

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Planet System Cluster Orbit Heavy Light Rare Gas Discs ID Tags Insignias Medallions Writings Prerequisite Assignment
Agebinium Amazon Voyager Cluster 1 Firstsm=n 2×L 1×R 1×I UNC: Espionage Probe

Ageko Antaeus Hades Gamma 1 Firstsm=n

Agetoton Refuge Pangaea Expanse 1 Firstsm=n Virmire

Alko Vostok Maroon Sea 3 Thirdsm=n Feros

Almarcrux Caspian Maroon Sea 3 Thirdsm=n Feros

Almos Vamshi Armstrong Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n

Alrumter Yangtze Voyager Cluster 4 Fourthsm=n 1×D UNC: Missing Marines

Alsages Sparta Artemis Tau 5 Fifthsm=n 1×R

Altaaya Sparta Artemis Tau 3 Thirdsm=n

Altahe Acheron Styx Theta 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×R 1×W Noveria UNC: Listening Post Theta

Altanorch Ming Gemini Sigma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×M

Amaranthine Fortuna Horse Head Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n 1×H 2×R 1×I UNC: Hostile Takeover UNC: Hostile Takeover

Antibaar Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 1×H 2×L 1×D UNC: Geth Incursions

Antida Caspian Maroon Sea 4 Fourthsm=n 1×I Feros

Antiroprus Ming Gemini Sigma 1 Firstsm=n

Antirumgon Gagarin Armstrong Nebula 5 Fifthsm=n 1×L

Antitarra Strenuus Horse Head Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×G

Apo Matano Maroon Sea 3 Thirdsm=n Feros

Arcadia Utopia Exodus Cluster 1 Firstsm=n

Archanes Knossos Artemis Tau 5 Fifthsm=n 1×G

Armeni Knossos Artemis Tau 4 Fourthsm=n

Asteroid X57 Asgard Exodus Cluster Bring Down the Sky

Benda Grissom Armstrong Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 1×M UNC: Geth Incursions

Binthu Yangtze Voyager Cluster 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×R 1×D UNC: Missing Marines UNC: Cerberus

Borr Asgard Exodus Cluster

Camaron Gorgon Argos Rho 3 Thirdsm=n UNC: Listening Post Theta

Canctra Century Hawking Eta 3 Thirdsm=n 1×L

Canrum Hydra Argos Rho 4 Fourthsm=n 1×I

Casbin Hong Armstrong Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 2×R 1×T UNC: Geth Incursions

Chasca Matano Maroon Sea 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×R 1×D Feros UNC: Colony of the Dead

Chofen Erebus Styx Theta 4 Fourthsm=n Noveria

Chohe Cacus Hades Gamma 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×R 3×W 75% Morality UNC: Besieged Base

Circe Athens Artemis Tau 4 Fourthsm=n 1×G

Clobaka Herschel Kepler Verge 4 Fourthsm=n

Clocrolis Plutus Hades Gamma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×R 75% Morality

Clojiia Columbia Voyager Cluster 1 Firstsm=n UNC: Cerberus

Clomarthu Vostok Maroon Sea 1 Firstsm=n Feros

Cloroplon Hoc Sentry Omega 4 Fourthsm=n

Clotanca Caspian Maroon Sea 1 Firstsm=n 1×H Feros

Clugon Herschel Kepler Verge 3 Thirdsm=n

Derneuca Amazon Voyager Cluster 2 Secondsm=n

Dregir Yangtze Voyager Cluster 3 Thirdsm=n 1×L UNC: Missing Marines

Earth Sol Local Cluster 3 Thirdsm=n Level 20

Eden Prime Utopia Exodus Cluster 2 Secondsm=n Eden Prime missions

Edmos Antaeus Hades Gamma 2 Secondsm=n 1×G

Edolus Sparta Artemis Tau 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×R 1×T UNC: Missing Marines

Eletania Hercules Attican Beta 3 Thirdsm=n 2×H UNC: Lost Module

Farcrothu Han Gemini Sigma 4 Fourthsm=n UNC: Hostile Takeover

Fargeluse Macedon Artemis Tau 4 Fourthsm=n 1×G

Faringor Cacus Hades Gamma 4 Fourthsm=n 1×R 75% Morality

Farnuri Caspian Maroon Sea 2 Secondsm=n 1×H Feros

Farthorl Acheron Styx Theta 1 Firstsm=n Noveria

Feros Theseus Attican Beta 2 Secondsm=n Feros missions

Gremar Dis Hades Gamma 4 Fourthsm=n UNC: Hostile Takeover

Gromar Columbia Voyager Cluster 4 Fourthsm=n 1×M UNC: Cerberus

Grosalgen Acheron Styx Theta 3 Thirdsm=n 1×L Noveria

Hunidor Antaeus Hades Gamma 6 Sixthsm=n

Huningto Han Gemini Sigma 2 Secondsm=n UNC: Hostile Takeover

Hunsalra Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n

Illapa Matano Maroon Sea 4 Fourthsm=n Feros

Ilos Refuge Pangaea Expanse 2 Secondsm=n Virmire Ilos missions

Imaneya Acheron Styx Theta 4 Fourthsm=n Noveria

Intai'sei Phoenix Argos Rho 5 Fifthsm=n

Inti Matano Maroon Sea 1 Firstsm=n Feros

Jarfor Hoc Sentry Omega 1 Firstsm=n

Jartar Dis Hades Gamma 1 Firstsm=n UNC: Hostile Takeover

Juncro Newton Kepler Verge 3 Thirdsm=n 1×G

Juntauma Farinata Hades Gamma 2 Secondsm=n 1×D

Junthor Gagarin Armstrong Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 1×W

Jupiter Sol Local Cluster 5 Fifthsm=n Level 20

Klencory Newton Kepler Verge 2 Secondsm=n 1×W

Klendagon Century Hawking Eta 2 Secondsm=n

Klensal Dis Hades Gamma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×M UNC: Hostile Takeover UNC: Hostile Takeover

Logan Theseus Attican Beta 5 Fifthsm=n

Loki Asgard Exodus Cluster

Luna Sol Local Cluster Earthsm=n Level 20 UNC: Rogue VI

Maganlis Fortuna Horse Head Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 1×I UNC: Hostile Takeover

Maidla Plutus Hades Gamma 2 Secondsm=n 75% Morality

Maji Vamshi Armstrong Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 2×L 1×R 1×I UNC: Geth Incursions

Mars Sol Local Cluster 4 Fourthsm=n Level 20

Matar Hong Armstrong Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n 1×W

Matol Herschel Kepler Verge 2 Secondsm=n

Mavigon Han Gemini Sigma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×T UNC: Hostile Takeover UNC: Hostile Takeover

Mawinor Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 6 Sixthsm=n

Mercury Sol Local Cluster 1 Firstsm=n Level 20

Metgos Hydra Argos Rho 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×R 1×I UNC: Distress Call

Mingito Plutus Hades Gamma 1 Firstsm=n 1×R 75% Morality

Morana Pax Horse Head Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n

Nausicaa Athens Artemis Tau 3 Thirdsm=n

Nearrum Dis Hades Gamma 2 Secondsm=n 1×L UNC: Hostile Takeover

Nemata Hoc Sentry Omega 2 Secondsm=n

Nepheron Columbia Voyager Cluster 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×R 1×T UNC: Cerberus UNC: Hades' Dogs

Nepmos Erebus Styx Theta 1 Firstsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×R 1×M Noveria UNC: Listening Post Alpha

Nepneu Farinata Hades Gamma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×R

Neptune Sol Local Cluster 8 Eighthsm=n Level 20

Nirvana Utopia Exodus Cluster 4 Fourthsm=n

Nodacrux Vostok Maroon Sea 2 Secondsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×I Feros UNC: ExoGeni Facility

Nonuel Plutus Hades Gamma 4 Fourthsm=n 1×L 1×R 1×M 1×W 75% Morality UNC: The Negotiation

Notanban Grissom Armstrong Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n UNC: Geth Incursions

Noveria Pax Horse Head Nebula 2 Secondsm=n Noveria missions

Ontaheter Columbia Voyager Cluster 3 Thirdsm=n 1×R UNC: Cerberus

Ontamalca Sparta Artemis Tau 4 Fourthsm=n 1×G

Ontarom Newton Kepler Verge 1 Firstsm=n 2×H 1×I UNC: Dead Scientists

Parag Ming Gemini Sigma 2 Secondsm=n 1×L

Paravin Han Gemini Sigma 1 Firstsm=n 1×W UNC: Hostile Takeover

Pataiton Vostok Maroon Sea 4 Fourthsm=n 1×W Feros

Patajiri Yangtze Voyager Cluster 5 Fifthsm=n 1×R UNC: Missing Marines

Patamalrus Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×H

Patashi Phoenix Argos Rho 1 Firstsm=n 1×R

Patatanlis Han Gemini Sigma 5 Fifthsm=n 1×L UNC: Hostile Takeover

Patavig Macedon Artemis Tau 3 Thirdsm=n

Phaistos Knossos Artemis Tau 1 Firstsm=n

Pharos Athens Artemis Tau 5 Fifthsm=n 1×I

Ploba Antaeus Hades Gamma 3 Thirdsm=n 1×W

Pluto Sol Local Cluster 9 Ninthsm=n Level 20

Pomal Hong Armstrong Nebula 1 Firstsm=n

Porolan Macedon Artemis Tau 2 Secondsm=n 1×W

Pregel Vamshi Armstrong Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×I

Prescyla Hoc Sentry Omega 5 Fifthsm=n

Presrop Century Hawking Eta Klendagonsm=n 1×H 1×R 1×I UNC: Major Kyle

Pressha Gagarin Armstrong Nebula 2 Secondsm=n

Proteus Athens Artemis Tau 2 Secondsm=n 1×G

Quaji Erebus Styx Theta 2 Secondsm=n 1×H Noveria

Quana Theseus Attican Beta 4 Fourthsm=n 1×L

Rayingri Gagarin Armstrong Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n 1×L 2×R 1×M UNC: Geth Incursions

Raysha Dis Hades Gamma 5 Fifthsm=n 1×I UNC: Hostile Takeover

Renshato Yangtze Voyager Cluster 1 Firstsm=n UNC: Missing Marines

Salamis Athens Artemis Tau 1 Firstsm=n

Saturn Sol Local Cluster 6 Sixthsm=n Level 20

Sesmose Newton Kepler Verge 4 Fourthsm=n

Sharblu Gorgon Argos Rho 4 Fourthsm=n UNC: Listening Post Theta

Sharjila Macedon Artemis Tau 1 Firstsm=n 1×L 2×R 1×W Asari Diplomacy

Sharring Theseus Attican Beta 3 Thirdsm=n 1×D

Slekon Gorgon Argos Rho 5 Fifthsm=n UNC: Listening Post Theta

Sogelrus Gagarin Armstrong Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n

Solcrum Grissom Armstrong Nebula Notanbansm=n 1×L 2×R 1×W UNC: Geth Incursions UNC: Geth Incursions

Solmarlon Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 5 Fifthsm=n

Sonedma Amazon Voyager Cluster 3 Thirdsm=n 1×R

Supay Matano Maroon Sea 5 Fifthsm=n 1×L Feros

Svarog Pax Horse Head Nebula 1 Firstsm=n

Syba Hydra Argos Rho 5 Fifthsm=n 1×G

Sybin Amazon Voyager Cluster 4 Fourthsm=n 1×I

Syided Hercules Attican Beta 2 Secondsm=n 1×M

Sylsalto Phoenix Argos Rho 2 Secondsm=n

Sytau Theseus Attican Beta 1 Firstsm=n

Tamahera Century Hawking Eta 1 Firstsm=n

Terra Nova Asgard Exodus Cluster

Tharopto Century Hawking Eta 4 Fourthsm=n 1×M

Thegeuse Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n 1×H

Therum Knossos Artemis Tau 2 Secondsm=n Find Liara T'Soni

Therumlon Fortuna Horse Head Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×R UNC: Hostile Takeover

Thesalgon Strenuus Horse Head Nebula 5 Fifthsm=n

Theshaca Hong Armstrong Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n

Theyar Hydra Argos Rho 3 Thirdsm=n

Treagir Hong Armstrong Nebula 5 Fifthsm=n 1×L

Trebin Antaeus Hades Gamma 4 Fourthsm=n 2×R 1×I UNC: Missing Survey Team

Trelyn Strenuus Horse Head Nebula 3 Thirdsm=n

Tremanre Sparta Artemis Tau 1 Firstsm=n

Tremar Amazon Voyager Cluster 5 Fifthsm=n 1×G

Treyarmus Cacus Hades Gamma 5 Fifthsm=n 75% Morality

Tungel Herschel Kepler Verge 1 Firstsm=n

Tunshagon Farinata Hades Gamma 1 Firstsm=n

Tuntau Phoenix Argos Rho 3 Thirdsm=n 1×H 1×L 1×W Wrex: Family Armor

Tyr Asgard Exodus Cluster

Uranus Sol Local Cluster 7 Seventhsm=n Level 20

Varmalus Hydra Argos Rho 1 Firstsm=n

Vebinok Phoenix Argos Rho 4 Fourthsm=n 1×L

Vectra Gorgon Argos Rho 2 Secondsm=n UNC: Listening Post Theta

Veles Pax Horse Head Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n 1×W

Vemal Antaeus Hades Gamma 5 Fifthsm=n 1×R

Venus Sol Local Cluster 2 Secondsm=n Level 20

Veyaria Plutus Hades Gamma 5 Fifthsm=n 75% Morality

Virmire Hoc Sentry Omega 3 Thirdsm=n Virmire missions

Wentania Fortuna Horse Head Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n UNC: Hostile Takeover

Wermani Erebus Styx Theta 3 Thirdsm=n 1×D Noveria

Wuo Gorgon Argos Rho 1 Firstsm=n UNC: Listening Post Theta

Xamarri Cacus Hades Gamma 3 Thirdsm=n 75% Morality

Xanadu Utopia Exodus Cluster 5 Fifthsm=n

Xathorron Hercules Attican Beta 1 Firstsm=n

Xawin Strenuus Horse Head Nebula 4 Fourthsm=n 2×H 1×L 1×I MSV Majesty UNC: Privateers

Yunthorl Strenuus Horse Head Nebula 1 Firstsm=n 1×M

Zafe Refuge Pangaea Expanse 3 Thirdsm=n Virmire

Zaherux Grissom Armstrong Nebula 2 Secondsm=n 1×L UNC: Geth Incursions

Zakros Knossos Artemis Tau 3 Thirdsm=n

Zatorus Hercules Attican Beta 4 Fourthsm=n 1×H

Zayarter Cacus Hades Gamma 1 Firstsm=n 1×H 75% Morality

Zion Utopia Exodus Cluster 3 Thirdsm=n

(asteroid, carbonaceous) Acheron Styx Theta 1×I Noveria

(asteroid, metallic) Century Hawking Eta 1×H

(asteroid, metallic) Dis Hades Gamma 1×L UNC: Hostile Takeover

(asteroid, rocky) Farinata Hades Gamma 1×L

(asteroid, rocky) Grissom Armstrong Nebula 1×R UNC: Geth Incursions

(asteroid, rocky) Herschel Kepler Verge 1×H

(asteroid, metallic) Knossos Artemis Tau 1×H

(asteroid, metallic) Knossos Artemis Tau 1×M

(asteroid, metallic) Macedon Artemis Tau 1×L

(asteroid, metallic) Matano Maroon Sea 1×H Feros

(asteroid, rocky) Matano Maroon Sea 1×D Feros

(asteroid, carbonaceous) Phoenix Argos Rho 1×D

(asteroid cluster) Sparta Artemis Tau 1×D

(asteroid, carbonaceous) Tereshkova Armstrong Nebula 1×M

(asteroid, metallic) Vostok Maroon Sea 1×H Feros

Citadel Widow Serpent Nebula (various)

MSV Cornucopia Caspian Maroon Sea Feros UNC: Derelict Freighter

MSV Fedele Herschel Kepler Verge Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon

MSV Majesty Strenuus Horse Head Nebula UNC: Privateers

MSV Ontario Farinata Hades Gamma UNC: Hostage

MSV Worthington Ming Gemini Sigma UNC: Lost Freighter

Unidentified Space Facility Gorgon Argos Rho UNC: Listening Post Theta UNC: Depot Sigma-23
Totals 34×H 34×L 36×R 10×G 10×D 4×T 17×I 12×M 16×W
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