Plasma Charge System is an augmentation in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Compatibilities Edit

  • Guns - This augmentation can be applied to gun-type weapons.

Description Edit

  • Non-shotgun weapons: Fires direct-line explosive plasma bolts; charges weapon to fire a devastating blast
  • Shotgun: Fires direct-line explosive plasma bolts (each less damage than normal rounds), charges weapon for a more devastating blast

Mechanics Edit

The Plasma Charge System augmentation interferes with the functionality of the Seeking Plasma System and the Sticky Grenade Launcher augmentations. The Plasma Charge System SHOULD NOT be combined with either of the two augmentations previously mentioned.

Note: Despite the Gun Behavior augmentation text stating that "You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process", both of the Gun Behavior augmentations - Plasma Charge System and the Vintage Heat Sink - can be applied to the same item.

Strategies Edit

Restrictions Edit

The following weapons are unable to use this augmentation:

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