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The Possessed Praetorian is a Collector unit added in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with the Retaliation Pack DLC. It also appears in the Armax Arsenal Arena's combat simulator, as part of the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC. It is an enhanced variant of the Praetorian.



Possessed Praetorians attack with powerful, heat-seeking missile-like projectiles, followed up by firing twin particle beams, like a normal Praetorian. They will attempt to get into melee range using a deceptively quick and powerful pounce; once there, they will either rapidly attack with their claws, dealing moderate damage that quickly adds up and is hard to escape from, or grab an enemy, lifting them off the ground to crush their head with their jaw-analogue for an instant kill.


Possessed Praetorians mainly possess the same defensive capabilities as a normal Praetorian except their armor and barriers are 50% stronger. This makes them by far the most durable enemies in the game; they have superior barriers and over twice the armor of a Geth Prime or Banshee.


  • Like with regular Praetorians, you should try to stay at range, as their claw attacks come very quickly, the damage adding up as the victim finds themselves staggered again and again, especially since you can get trapped between a Praetorian and a piece of terrain. Their ranged attacks are less damaging.
  • The guided missile volleys are very dangerous, as much like Atlas rockets they are almost impossible to dodge and they cause a short stun; unlike an Atlas rocket, the Possessed Praetorian missile barrage fires continuously for several seconds, can seek out multiple targets, and the missiles themselves can curve around and over terrain to hit you even out of line of sight. The damage of a single missile isn't that high, but being hit by more than one should definitely be avoided as this will deal heavy damage and stun-lock you. The missile barrage fires fewer missiles in single-player.
  • The Praetorian usually fires its beams in volleys of three during which time it is immobile other than rotating its body to face its chosen target (though this doesn't always happen consistently). The beam attack that immediately follows the missiles will usually hit you if you were hit and staggered by the missiles as well.
    • If it isn't firing at you, this is an excellent opportunity to deal damage to the Praetorian even at very close range as long as you attack from the rear. If the Praetorian is firing at you, circling around it at close range can cause it to cease firing and instead switch to trying to swipe at you with its claws.
    • In single-player only, the Possessed variant replaces the first of the three shots with its guided missile volley.
  • Be careful when engaging these enemies over a large swathe of open terrain. Their pounce has excellent range and is very quick to execute.
  • Like the regular Praetorian, their particle beams can hit through thin cover.
  • Debuffing powers that increase a target's vulnerability to damage are especially important against Possessed Praetorians in view of their high durability and threat level; Warp, Cryo Blast, and Tactical Scan are just some examples.