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The Possessed Scion is a Collector unit encountered in Mass Effect 3. It is an enhanced variant of the Scion.



The primary attack of the Possessed Scion is a burst of six grenades fired in an arc. These deal some damage on contact, then explode shortly afterward and inflict massive area damage. Up close, they use their cannon arm to make melee attacks and have an execution attack (where they knock the player to the ground and repeatedly pummel them) to instantly kill enemies. They can also simply fire their cannon like normal Scions.


In addition to having 50% more armor than normal Scions, Possessed Scions also have biotic barriers for defense. These barriers are unusually weak, comparable to the barriers of a regular Collector Captain. When possessed, their armor is the second strongest in the game (just behind the Possessed Praetorian), far exceeding the armor of Atlas Mechs, Geth Primes, and Banshees.


  • Scions are tough to begin with, and the barriers only make them tougher. They're best approached with overwhelming force by two or more squad members, but they can be handled solo, by a careful player using hit-and-run tactics and plenty of walls and obstacles to hinder its path. Actually taking cover is risky, because the Possessed Scion may deploy its grenades; being caught by all six grenades will down almost anyone.
  • Possessed Scions are known to be even more deadly than the Possessed Praetorian due to their complimentary attacks. The cluster grenades they launch may force you out of cover, and their cannon shots punish you in the open. Never stop moving when engaging a Possessed Scion when you have its attention, this is the best way to avoid their shots, since the actual projectiles are quite slow.
  • As usual barriers are vulnerable to powers such as Overload and Energy Drain. Once the barriers are disposed of, Incinerate, Warp and any other power which does extra damage to armor will help. Scions have extreme amounts of armor, though, so don't expect them to go down quickly.
  • They're vulnerable to conventional headshots, but the sacs on their back/left shoulder are also a weak point--one that's much larger and easier to hit than the head.
  • Volus can use their Shield Boost power just as the grenades are about to detonate to make the squad invulnerable for a second. As well as aiding shield sustainability, it will also allow your team to be slightly bolder in their attacks and take down enemies slightly quicker. However, beware that the grenades often do not all explode at the same time. This can make timing the Shield Boost tricky.