Prazza is a male quarian on Tali'Zorah vas Neema's team during their mission on Freedom's Progress.

Prazza, Tali'Zorah, and a squad of other quarians are dispatched to find Veetor on Freedom's Progress. When the quarians encounter Commander Shepard and Cerberus during the Commander's own mission to the colony, Tali forces Prazza to work with them. During his brief meeting with Shepard's team, he expresses great distrust and animosity towards Cerberus operatives.

Shortly after separating from Shepard's team, he disregards Tali's authority in the mission. He decides to lead his team ahead to get to Veetor to try and take him away before Shepard, likely due to his distrust of Cerberus. His actions cause his own death as well as those of most of his squadmates at the hands of a reprogrammed YMIR Mech.

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