The Preaching Hanar is a hanar on the Citadel Presidium, present near the Wards access corridor in 2183. It is arguing with a C-Sec officer.

Even by hanar standards, the Preaching Hanar is deeply religious, and has decided to preach about the Enkindlers on the Presidium. The C-Sec officer claims that this is illegal, as evangelising is prohibited on the Presidium, there are designated preaching areas on the Citadel, and the Preaching Hanar does not have an evangelical permit anyway. Despite the C-Sec officer's rudeness, the hanar remains calm and polite, and is grateful for any help Commander Shepard can provide once they arrive. It argues that it merely wants to share the truth of the Enkindlers with everyone, and as stating the truth is not preaching no permit is required.

Shepard can buy the Preaching Hanar an evangelical permit so it can preach legally. If Shepard believes the hanar should not be preaching on the Presidium at all, the Commander can tell the Preaching Hanar it is misusing the gifts of speech and sentience that the Enkindlers gave its people. The Preaching Hanar will be convinced, claiming its enthusiasm got the better of it, and agree to leave.

Alternatively, Shepard can persuade the C-Sec officer to let the hanar stay. The Preaching Hanar will then remain on the Presidium and preach to passers-by about the glory of the Enkindlers.

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