An elite designation within the hierarchy of the kett military, Prefects are high-ranking Ascendants serving as command-level officers in charge of major installations, their authority second only to the Archon himself.

Description Edit

Prefects can be distinguished visually from lesser Ascendants by their superior height, as well as their spiked armor with what appears to be a flowing cape behind them. Some Prefects' voices are somewhat high-pitched, perhaps done to give them distinction over other kett, most notably the Archon. In battle, they fight as other Ascendants do, using the element zero modules in their armour to hover over the fray, while unleashing powerful blasts of electrostatic energy granted by their assimilation of isolated angaran traits. As the commanding officer in charge of their specific unit or installation, Prefects command the instant and unflinching obedience of other, lesser kett, and will not hesitate to spend their lives cheaply in order to achieve their objectives or to safeguard their own survival.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

At least five Prefects can be fought by Pathfinder Ryder:

The three named kett appear to show different responses when encountered by the Pathfinder's team. The Invictor behaves in domineering manner as Ryder challenges him, while the Valiant shows relentless behavior when pursuing the damaged Asari ark, and the Cardinal being somewhat cowardly in personality, to the point of pleading mercy to Ryder for the sake of her exaltation facility.

Trivia Edit

  • Prefect (from the Latin praefectus, "put in front") is a title held by senior judges, magistrates, or police officials in many European countries. In some private schools, a Prefect is a senior student authorized to enforce discipline among younger students.
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