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An elite designation within the hierarchy of the kett military, Prefects are high-ranking Ascendants serving as command-level officers in charge of major installations.

There are two known Prefects that can be fought and killed by Pathfinder Ryder: the one in charge of the Kett Base on Voeld, and another deployed during the ground assault on Meridian.



The Prefect's conventional attack is a targeted electric shock. If provoked, they can unleash a ball-lightning-like attack which conducts electricity to nearby enemies. This attack ignores cover.

At close range, they will grab a target in a gravity-sphere, then collapse the sphere to crush the target for an insta-kill.


Prefects are accompanied at all times by their Orb. This small device orbits them and projects an energy force field that protects them from all attacks. Prefects may only be harmed once their orb is destroyed, but they will quickly generate a new orb after a few seconds.


  • As they're just another type of Ascendant, Prefects inherit their strengths and weaknesses and should be dealt with accordingly.
  • Since they are typically surrounded by constantly-spawning reinforcements, finishing them off first should take priority to make mop-up of remaining forces easier.


  • Prefect (from the Latin praefectus, "put in front") is a title held by senior judges, magistrates, or police officials in many European countries. In some private schools, a Prefect is a senior student authorized to enforce discipline among younger students.