Captain Preitor Gavorn is a turian hired by Aria T'Loak to deter the vorcha from entering the Afterlife Club in Omega. He stands guard near the entrance to the club, armed with an M-97 Viper.

Gavorn is mentioned by a vorcha named Shisk, who is loitering beneath Afterlife with some of his buddies if Commander Shepard approaches them. They tell Shepard to inform Gavorn that they will kill no one today and that they "know his tricks".

After the vorcha problem has been solved, Shepard can speak to Gavorn, who asks coyly whether the Commander had anything to do with the numerous dead vorcha. Shepard can either mention Gavorn's job getting easier, or that they do not know anything about the vorcha deaths. In any case, Gavorn will tell Shepard to "keep up the good work". If asked further about what the vorcha are planning, Gavorn will laugh at the notion by describing them as a "pestilence". He adds that if the vorcha could plan, then everyone would be in trouble. However, he also mentions that even if he doesn't have much to do now that the vorcha have been taken care of, he'll have something to do before long thanks to the rate at which the vorcha breed.

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