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Disambiguous.png This article is about the location in Mass Effect 3. For the Presidium in general, see Presidium.
The Presidium Commons

The Presidium Commons is a location in the Presidium on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3. The Presidium Commons features shops, living quarters, a bank, Apollo's Cafe, and Meridian Place Market. The area also features an advertisement for the new Blasto movie, as well as a C-Sec outpost.

Points of Interest

Map of the Presidium Commons
ME3 POI 1.png
  • Avina is located across from the elevator.
  • Barla Von can be found here. (Before the attack on the Citadel)
  • A volus accountant lamenting the lost Book of Plenix can be found here.
  • A human female conversing with her asari mistress. (Before the attack on the Citadel)
  • A volus banker trying to talk a salarian investor out of closing his account on the Citadel. (After the attack on the Citadel)
  • An asari scientist trying to find the Prothean Hesperia period statues. (After the attack on the Citadel)
  • With Leviathan installed, a panel appears by the skycar located directly across of the elevator exit, allowing for rapid transit directly aboard the Normandy or to the Purgatory Bar.
    • The same panel allows transportation to Silversun Strip if Citadel is installed (as well as to Normandy if Leviathan is not also installed).


ME3 POI 2.png
  • Narl, one of Aria's men, can be found while negotiating with the Blood Pack.
  • Miranda Lawson can be found after her third correspondence.
  • The volus ambassador, Din Korlack, and Zaeed Massani can be encountered in one of the apartments while investigating a lead on a Cerberus mole.
  • The salarian looking for a fossil can be found on the left corridor on the map. (After the attack on the Citadel)
  • An advertisement for Blasto 6: Partners in Crime can be heard here.
ME3 POI 3.png
Apollo's Cafe
ME3 POI 4.png
ME3 POI 5.png
C-Sec Outpost
ME3 POI 6.png
Meridian Place Market
  • EDI and Joker (Before the attack on the Citadel)
  • The asari merchant Ereba talking with another asari customer.
  • Kannik, a black market dealer, can be found here while securing the Blue Suns for Aria.
  • Liara may also be spotted here, opposite the shops looking at the scenery. (After the attack on the Citadel)


Side missions


  • Sometimes before Priority: The Citadel II, damage to the Presidium, such as broken glass, black scorch marks and bullet holes can still be found in the area, such as to the right of Aegohr Munitions, in between Nos Astra Sporting Goods and Aegohr Munitions, and in front of the local C-Sec office, even though there hasn't yet been an attack on the Citadel by Cerberus.