The Presidium Groundskeeper is a turian living on the Citadel who is responsible for maintaining the grounds in the Presidium. The groundskeeper can be found on Level 28 of Zakera Ward in the Dark Star Lounge.

If Commander Shepard overhears two krogan on Level 27 of Zakera Ward talking about fish in the Presidium lakes, the Commander can talk to the groundskeeper about it. The turian will admit that he gets that inquiry quite a bit, and says that the Presidium lakes have no fish in them because they are used as reservoirs. The only place he knows of to get a live fish is in Deleia Sanassi's gift shop.

As a parting shot, he suggests checking out the new flowers from across the Conduit, which are coming in very nicely.

The groundskeeper shares many traits of fellow turian Lilihierax in the pride he has for his work and his laid-back, easy-going manner, in direct contrast to the typical turian image of a disciplined warrior.

Trivia Edit

  • The groundskeeper has some dialogue that was cut from the game.
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