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Location: Milky Way / Hawking Eta / Century System / Klendagon


Presrop is the moon of Klendagon. It is a frigid, barren world, with an extremely thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and ethane. The crust contains plentiful deposits of heavy metals. The Alliance has opened bidding for the moon's mineral rights, but exploitation will be complicated by the system's proximity to the "Five Kiloparsec Ring" around the galactic core. The Ring is an area of intense star formation, and too dangerous to safely travel.

Presrop's landscape is a nightmare of jagged, overlapping ridges and geological shock zones created by some ancient disaster. This has not deterred a generation of illegal "wildcat miners" from attempting to exploit the moon's mineral riches. Unfortunately, many have lost their lives.


Points of Interest[]

Terrain Map
Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Biotic commune's compound (UNC: Major Kyle)
2 Initial Crashed Probe (salvage)
3 Discovery Wrecked Mining Vehicle (not salvageable)

“The front of the rover is crumpled from impact. A glance inside tells you the occupants – probably from a team of illegal "wildcat" miners – are dead. Debris is still sliding down the furrows left by its tires, silent in the near-vacuum atmosphere.”

4 Initial Ancient debris (UNC: Turian Insignias)

“Digging under the beacon revealed a piece of scrap metal, likely from a very old freighter. It was marked on one side with the Macedyn Outpost insignia.”

5 Discovery Abandoned camp (salvage)

“This cluster of prefab utility shacks have a distinctly ramshackle look to them. A set of rover tracks lead away over the mountan ridge to the southwest.”

6 Unmarked Thresher Maw
7 Unmarked Mercenaries

Mineral Deposits[]

Klendagon from Presrop
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Gold Heavy
2 Uranium Rare



Presrop's operational area has a very light hail of particulate matter. Navigating the terrain may require significant amounts of time climbing through sheer mountain cliffs in order to reach points of interest, though the top of these cliffs are generally stable enough for near-smooth Mako traversal.