Priya Blake was an officer in the Alliance for a decade. She decided to leave it and join the Andromeda Initiative as she was sick of Citadel Council's power plays and wanted a fresh start. She is the Captain of a drill specialist crew.

If Pathfinder Ryder settles the Taerve Uni outpost on Voeld, Priya becomes Captain of the outpost and leads the ice drilling operations. Her ice runners make sure that water is never a problem for the Initiative. Her outpost sends these resources to colonies and the Nexus. Priya also keeps close relations with the angara on Voeld and tries to cement the bond created by Ryder. She participates in the war effort against the kett by sending water to angaran Resistance all over the cluster.

Later, Priya sends a crew of drill technicians for a research expedition. Halfway there, the crew's tracking signals went dark and they ended up missing.

While Priya thinks that she failed her team, she asks Ryder for help to find her missing science crew. Unfortunately they were killed by an Eiroch along with an Architect that must be defeated to stop the killing.

Once Ryder has defeated the Architect on Voeld, Priya regrets sending her science crew out so far into the wilderness but is glad the remaining people are now safe thanks to Ryder.

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