Probes are used in Mass Effect 2 in order to discover resources or landing sites on uncharted planets. They can be launched as part of the Planet Scanning minigame. On PC, right click scans an area and left click launches a probe. On the 360, holding the left trigger scans the planet and right trigger launches a probe. The planet may be rotated by scanning near its edge, or by using the right analog stick on the 360. The Normandy SR-2 can carry a finite number of probes, 30 initially and up to 60 after recruiting Thane and researching the modular probe bay. Additional probes can be purchased at a fuel depot, at the cost of 100 credits for 5. (20 credits per probe)

Trivia Edit

  • When surveying Uranus, EDI will say "Really, commander?" for the first probe, "Probing Uranus" for the second probe, and then the usual sound bits for any additional probes ("launching probe", "probe away").
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