Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Pytheas / Eos


History Edit

After the two first failed attempts, Promise and Resilience, Prodromos is the Initiative's first successful outpost founded by Pathfinder Ryder on Habitat 1, otherwise known as Eos. The outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon was only established when conditions of the planet improved significantly after Ryder activated a Remnant vault; two previous efforts to settle the planet failed due to the harsh environment and hostile presence. It is run by Mayor August Bradley. It can serve as a scientific or militaristic outpost, depending on Ryder's choice.

Prodromos was settled by the Andromeda Initiative in 2819, organized by Foster Addison. Prior to its settling, the area was known as Fairwinds Basin as the high cliff walls surrounding the area partially protected it from the deadly radiation that had existed prior to Ryder's activation of the remnant vault.

Layout Edit

Prodromos surrounds a lake and consists of six single-floor buildings, two double-floor buildings and four shuttle landing pads. Many of the buildings have water-silos on the side. There is a Research Center building on the northwestern side of the lake, a shop on the eastern side and a Forward Station on the north-eastern side. Most buildings do not have an explained use, but all contain some form of furniture suggesting what takes part in them.

Prodromos also contains a dedicated landing space for the Tempest at the north of the lake.

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired at Prodromos:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired at Prodromos:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired at Prodromos:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired at Prodromos:

Terminals Edit

On a terminal in one of the northern structures in Prodromos:

Hey, Connor

Heard about the new position. Prodromos just gained one hell of a businesswoman--they're lucky to have you. If we ever find ourselves on the Nexus at the same time, I'm buying you a drink to celebrate.


And Ryder--I know you're going to get nosy and read this. Hi.

On the terminal on the bridge across the lake:

Quarantine: Best Practices
Please remember that everything shipped to the landing pad--especially from off-world rather than sealed Nexus supplies--MUST go through quarantine procedures via confined observation, spot testing, bacteriological scans, or radioactive sterilization.

We are a new presence on Eos, and everything added to the ecosystem will have an effect down the line. Our job is to make sure it's a beneficial one, and strong quarantine practices will really help us out.

Hainly Abrams

Addendum: If anyone tries to tell me or Hainly that your shipment's a special case and you don't need to bother, you'll be running quarantine twice. -- Bradley

Radiation Alerts for Shuttle Pilots
That vault doohickey might be clearing the atmosphere, but we've still got pockets of high radiation and bad weather across the continent.

Telepresence update: Zones 10-12 are still smoking hot but Zone 8 is showing a drop. Watch your shuttle's radiation shield absorption. They can take up to 190 mSV/hr safely. Anything more and you need to head back for a refit.

And remember that if you're carrying power cells or radiological equipment, those can throw your readings off. Make sure you're as safe as you think.

Pilot MacReady

Today's Flight Schedule
0600-0800: Weather monitoring sweep

1200-1300: Geographical survey flight - SIGN UP EARLY OR YOU'LL LOSE YOUR EQUIPMENT SLOTS!

1500-1700: Retrieving Team Sigma plus plant specimens

2000-2200: High-altitude atmospheric obs with timeslot for astronomical survey

On a terminal near Cain Fawkes:

Scratch Pad - Login: Chief Engineer Cain Fawkes
This file is filled with sketches, annotations, and exploded schematic views. Many are focused on a combined road-monorail network for Eos, showing several different but brilliant designs.

Always good to go back to the old standby when I need to think:

Underneath are several doodles showing elegant redesigns of the Nexus tram system map.

Pasted to one side are a number of downloaded statistics on predicted population growth over the next century.

Got a baseline! Bradley's always good for the numbers.

Adjoining the statistics is a blocked-out simplistic drawing of Prodromos, dotted lines showing expansion, with detailed sketches of water and sewage lines underground, wireless power routers, and the flow of foot traffic.

Sloppy, but it's a start.

On the other side is a sketch of a Pathfinder helmet with downloaded notes on material testing and safety regulations.

Design fundamentals look sound. No need to worry.

Hey from the Nexus!

How is it there? I heard Bradley has things up and running smoothly. I knew you guys could do it. Tell me all about Eos! It's boring here, so I have to live vicariously through you.

As for the advice you asked for, just be yourself. I know how you get when you're nervous. This special lady will like you a lot more if you just relax. You got this, buddy. Good luck!


On a terminal near Majordomo Bell-Scott:

Secure Comm (Nexus-Prodromos) - Re: Messages
To: Director Tann
From: A. Bradley

Tann--appreciate the personal interest, but my people are getting twitchy with all the messages you're sending them. I'd like their minds on the job, not being under a microscope. Addison's the one I call.

I get it. Site 1 and 2 are still raw for us, too. But Prodromos isn't the same. No better way to prove that than to let us do our jobs. Give them space, and I'll give you all the footage you need to make it play well back on the Nexus. Agreed?


Post-Deployment Block Party
To: All Prodromos Personnel
From: A. Bradley


Initial setup went by the books and we're operational in record time. Be proud. I am.

Now that the first deployment wave is in, I'm giving the all-clear to break into the good stuff. We've got a new colony to toast, and some lost friends to say goodbye to. Lights go down and drinks raise up at 2000.


On a terminal near Hainly Abrams:

Dictation Log: Scientific Director Hainly Abrams
How? What technology can do this so quickly? Neutralizing the radiation in the atmosphere without dramatic storm effects--shit, the opposite! The weather's gone calm as a summer's day. That's unprecedented control over atmospheric pressure, gas mixture, temperature--what else? And where's the interaction?

[Pause break]

Miss the dogs. Walking them in the shuttleport park always helped me think through these problems. Forget side effects, too. I should get a dog. Are there dogs?

[Pause break]

We got damn lucky with the conditions here. This is comparable to sea-level Earth. Eos is drier, but within limits. Moisture is binding into the desert plants and soil. More now, since the vault. Points to a species with the same air mix-temperature-gravitational comfort levels as us? Or is there another reason? Can't predict intent from results.

[Pause break]

Maybe Ryder's the one to figure out why. The how? That's my department now. Lucky old Hainly, you wanted bigger things. You've sure got them now.

Research Proposal Submissions Review
Materials analysis of recovered kett firearms
> [Approved. Important.]

Waterborne bacteria study
> [Approved. If you don't flush your work away.]

Color reactions and acuity in insectoid wildlife
> [What? No. Not approved. Unless you're going to make them stop at a red light.]

Comparison of quantum-initialized string effects to relativistic waveforms
> [This is gibberish. I'm not giving grants for the best word salad.]

Element zero voltage resistance testing
> [Finally, some real science. Approved.]

On a terminal near Dr. Ramirez:

RE: Victor Carsen
Mr. Josephs,

I find it troubling that you think I could be swayed from my duty by an offer of credits. I understand Victor Carsen is a friend of yours, but that's hardly an adequate reason to release him from cryostasis and send him to Prodromos. Beyond that, from what I hear, you two are a disaster waiting to happen. I know all about the "prank" you and Mr. Carsen pulled on Everett before the journey to Heleus.

Victor Carsen will be released from stasis when I see fit, and assigned to an outpost that best suits his skill set. And if I hear you've gone over my head and spoken to Addison about this, you'll have me to answer to.

-Administrator Brecka

Case Notes - #024 - Dr. Ramirez
Patient ID: 024
Symptoms/condition: Acute insomnia, claustrophobia

On examination, no organic underlying causes. Apparently suffered a mechanical failure when coming out of stasis that locked her in the pod. Clearly a psychosomatic case, but symptoms are acute. Prescribed tetravoxine and VR post-stasis therapy. Next appointment in two weeks.

Personal notes:
I'm seeing several cases of post-stasis anxiety and other related conditions. The techies solved a lot of the physical effects of long-term stasis, but we're clearly seeing the psychological effects run a lot deeper. People just aren't designed to be turned off for too long. Should talk with Hainly about a long-term research initiative. We're "first" for a lot of things.

Case Notes - #076 - Dr. Ramirez
Patient ID: 076
Symptoms/condition: Multiple leg fractures

Patient lost his grip and fell during maintenance work on the roof. Jump-jets failed to fire. Compound fractures to the right leg, severe sprains to left ankle. Patient showed an allergic reaction to anesthetic, so I borrowed August and a couple engineers to hold 076 down while I set the legs. Application of foam cast and appropriate analgesia followed.

Personal notes:
Noisy day, but hopefully an object lesson to the rest of the outpost about jump jet maintenance. Patient is healing nicely. Should be falling off roofs again in a week.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Prodromos" is suspected to come from the Greek translation of the word "Forerunner".
  • For reasons unknown, a female Initiative member can be found staggering around, apparently inebriated, close to the Tempest landing area, directly south of where Ryder and squadmates spawn upon exiting the ship.
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