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The Progenitor is a rare Destroyer variant that only appears in extremely dangerous scenarios. They are usually encountered on Firebases across the Heleus Cluster as a "boss" target. There's also one guarding the Remnant fuel facility at H-047c, directly standing in Pathfinder Ryder's way to turn the blasted world into a helium-3 production hub.

Capabilities Edit


The Progenitor's turrets are different from a regular Destroyer's. Instead of twin rapid-fire cannons the Progenitor shoots energy projectiles at a slower although no less damaging pace.

It can also spawn up to 3 Observers to harass its target. If one gets taken down, the Progenitor replaces it.

Its other armaments are the same: a startlingly powerful main gun, and an energy field activated at melee range which can swiftly strip one's shields if caught within. This energy field takes a moment to build up before detonating.


The Progenitor possesses very strong shields and armor.

Its two turrets have their own strong shields and armor. Each time a turret gets destroyed, the Progenitor gains a substantial movement speed increase.

Tactics Edit

  • Most tactics for beating Destroyers also apply to Progenitors. However, a key difference in approach is the Progenitor's ability to spawn Observers indefinitely. It is more advisable to focus fire on the monstrosity itself rather than the floaters.
  • The Progenitor's extreme toughness means it requires more than one Cobra RPG to bring down even on Bronze difficulty.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Patch 1.09 the single-player Progenitor was labeled Elite Destroyer.
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