Project Elites are enemies encountered during the assignment Arrival.

Project Elites will attack Commander Shepard throughout Project Base. They are first encountered during the Object Rho sequence of the assignment and will attack in up to five waves, along with Project Guards, Project Pyros, and Project Engineers. Later, they are usually accompanied by at least two Project Guards or larger groups of Project forces.

Capabilities Edit


Project Elites use an M-15 Vindicators to attack from range and will often arm their weapons with Disruptor Ammo. Because they do more damage than other troops, make these troops a priority.


Project Elites have good shielding on all difficulties, which will be augmented on higher difficulties. They will use Tech Armor to restore their shields if depleted.

Tactics Edit

  • Considering that you have to fight them alone, prioritising Elites is recommended, especially on higher difficulty levels.
  • These troops tend to hang back rather than advancing. One tactic may be to get into close range. However, this may be difficult, given that they are invariably accompanied by other troops.
  • If a Project Pyro is nearby, try to detonate him and catch the Elite in the blast.
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