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Project Engineers are enemies encountered during the assignment Arrival.

Project Engineers will attack Commander Shepard throughout Project Base. They are first encountered during the Object Rho sequence of the assignment and will attack in up to five waves, along with Project Guards, Project Elites, and Project Pyros. Later, they are usually accompanied by at least two Project Guards or larger groups of Project forces.



These Engineers are only armed with M-6 Carnifex heavy pistols, relying more on Incinerate to do damage. They can often catch Shepard off guard so be sure not to let this happen, or else other troops may take you down.


They have good shielding on all difficulties, but are tougher on Hardcore and Insanity. They can use Tech Armor to restore their shields and will do this more on higher difficulties.


  • These enemies perform similarly to Eclipse Engineers and caution should be taken against their powerful Incinerate ability which can deal deadly damage and stun Shepard, leaving you exposed to additional damage.
  • They are often encountered with groups of other enemies, making group management abilities and weapons such as Singularity or the Arc Projector valuable assets.
  • If a Project Pyro is nearby, try and detonate him and catch the Engineer in the blast.
  • Engineers will usually stay back, in cover, popping out to fire off an Incinerate. A good tactic can be to close in on them as they are not very tough up close. However, make sure not to compromise yourself when closing in, as there are often other troops nearby.