Project Guards are enemies encountered during the assignment Arrival.

Project Guards will attack Commander Shepard throughout Project Base. They are first encountered during the Object Rho sequence of the assignment and will attack in up to five waves, along with Project Elites, Project Pyros, and Project Engineers. Afterward, they are usually found in pairs, or in larger groups backed up by other Project forces.

Capabilities Edit


Project Guards are comparable to any other Trooper. They are armed with the M-8 Avenger, which is good at laying down a constant barrage of gunfire, and they will also use Flashbang Grenades to try to blind, dislodge Shepard from cover and destroy shields.


Guards will gain weak shielding on higher difficulty levels and tend to use cover more. By default, they possess moderate health thanks to their body armor.

Tactics Edit

  • These enemies should be handled mostly the same as other mercenary troopers, but because you will be fighting them alone, they will often use their numbers to outflank and overwhelm you. So make sure to pick your cover, and targets, carefully.
  • Also be aware of their grenades, as they will use them much more often on harder difficulties. If you can, face away from the grenade when it goes off to avoid being blinded. Also if possible, be sure to move away from it to prevent damage to your shields or being knocked out of cover.
  • If a Project Pyro is close by, try to detonate him and catch the Guard in the blast.
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