Project Pyros are enemies encountered during the assignment Arrival.

Project Pyros will attack Commander Shepard throughout Project Base. They are first encountered during the Object Rho sequence of the assignment and will attack in up to five waves, along with Project Guards, Project Elites, and Project Engineers. Later, they are usually accompanied by at least one Project Guard or larger groups of Project forces.

Capabilities Edit


Pyros will attempt to close in on Shepard's position with the M-451 Firestorm. Shepard will stagger backwards if hit by the flames which can be disastrous on higher difficulties.


They possess no shields on normal difficulty but will have moderate shielding on higher ones. These shields will be slightly stronger than average Project Guard shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Similarly to Blood Pack Pyros and Geth Destroyers these enemies can be lethal at close range, so keep them at a distance.
  • They possess a large canister on their backs which will, if shot, rupture, causing them to panic and eventually explode, neutralizing the threat. This explosion can also be triggered by use of Overload, Incinerate, or the Arc Projector.
  • Pyros are often encountered in groups of other enemies. So a good tactic is to make sure the Pyro is close to other enemies before detonating him as this will cause additional splash damage, and possibly take other enemies down with them. Or at the very least damage them and set them on fire for a few seconds.
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