Jacob exposes his evidences

The mastermind is revealed and you have to stop the plan of batarian terrorists. You and Miranda hurry back to the Citadel to stop the peace talks meeting. The bioweapon cannot be released on the Council.

Head to the Council tower and expose the terrorist's leader.

Number of Combat Zone : 9

Walkthrough Edit

When you have completed the three investigation missions, a cinematic and a discussion with the sick Illo Nazario will start in Jaob's ship. In exchange of medical care, nazario reveals the batarians' true target which is the Citadel Council, and not Ambassador Jath'Amon as previously thought. In fact, the leader of the batarian extremists is Jath'Amon himself, who intends to infect the Council with the bioweapon during his peace talk. Jacob and Miranda head their ship to the Citadel in order to end once and for all this terrorist threat.

When Jacob arrives on the Citadel, Miranda informs him that Batha's vaccine will protect him from the bioweapon. After that, Jacob head to the council tower to stop Jath'Amon. You have to cross an empty zone guarded by two friendly turrets.

Combat Zone 1 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ1

Jacob is then stopped by a C-Sec officer, who is exposed as a batarian, revealing the terrorists have infiltrated Citadel Security itself. Battling your way up to the tower, you have to clear two combat zones. The first is guarded by four Terrorists while the second is protected by two Terrorist Elites and one Terrorist Leader.

Combat Zone 2 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ2

Combat Zone 3 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ3

Jacob enters the council chambers in the middle of the ambassador's speech and the asari council representative questions Jacob's intrusion. Jacob brings the evidence against Jath'Amon who defends himself against Jacob's claims. The asari council representative apologizes, but says she won't risk the Council until she is sure of Jacob's claims.

The furious ambassador finally reveals his plan and releases the virus into the citadel tower before flying away. Jacob warns everyone to escape, then attacks the ambassador's batarian troops. You will have to pass through five combat zones overcrowded with batarian terrorists supported by several active turrets to finally reach the last zone wihch is the same than the empty first. Once there, you will be confronted to Jath'Amon himself, two of his bodyguards and two other turrets. Be careful against such a firepower.

Combat Zone 4 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ4

Combat Zone 6 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ6

Combat Zone 8 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ8

Combat Zone 5 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ5

Combat Zone 7 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ7

Combat Zone 9 Edit

Citadel galaxy mission CZ9

After Jacob finally defeats Jath'Amon, he swears revenge on Jacob and the Council as he is led away by Citadel Security. Miranda will thank you before you can enjoy the last concluding cinematic of the game.

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