Disambiguous This article is about the club on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3. For the prison ship in Mass Effect 2, see Purgatory.
Citadel - Purgatory Bar

The Purgatory Bar is a popular dance club and bar on the Citadel, though it is not known by Avina to be a registered nightclub. Various citizens from all races often visit the bar to drink and dance in order to detach themselves from the issues of the war with the Reapers.

Should Shepard get drunk in Purgatory, the Commander wakes up after sleeping off the alcohol next to Aria in the VIP Lounge. If Shepard gets drunk again, the Commander will end up on the elevator outside of Purgatory. At this point, Shepard will be unable to use the bar until the Commander leaves the area and returns.

Aria uses Purgatory as her base of operations after Omega was taken by Cerberus. She loathes the club, ironically calling it hell, and comments about its inferiority in comparision to Omega's Afterlife Club. However, she can still be found here after retaking Omega.

Points of Interest

ME3 POI Purgatory
VIP Entrance
  • Alison, a technician looking for an improved power grid (before the attack on the Citadel).
  • Two turian C-Sec officers complaining about their assignments (before the attack on the Citadel).
  • An angry elcor complaining about the loss of the Code of the Ancients (after the attack on the Citadel).
  • A salarian soldier talking enthusiastically about his new Vohrtix armor with his human female friend (after the attack on the Citadel).
  • With Leviathan installed, a panel appears by the skycar located to the left of the elevator exit, allowing for rapid transit directly aboard the Normandy.
VIP Lounge
Lower Bar
Dance Floor
  • Steve Cortez may invite Shepard to join him here after the attack on the Citadel.
  • EDI, observing strangers dancing (after the attack on the Citadel).
  • Two smugglers from Omega, a human and a turian, arguing about new work, after the attack on the Citadel.



  • The music heard throughout the club is "Staggered Injection" by Ekstrak.
  • Although referred to several times in dialogue as being on the Wards, it is clear from the view outside that Purgatory is in fact located on the Presidium, several floors above the Presidium Commons.
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