Raashel Vier is an angaran archeoastronomer located at Pelaav Research Station on Havarl.

Rasheel used to live in her home located nearby the Daar Pelaav where she was studying ancient cultural records of stellar phenomena in order to piece together lost knowledge of the angaran. Her objective is to find undiscovered old angaran colonies or worlds that loose contact with their counterparts. These colonies are potential allies for the fight against the Kett.

However, when she was away, a disaster stroked and ruined her home. Initially, she thought that her home and her research were totally destroyed but she learned that parts of her building survived the disaster. She tried to recover her research but her old home has become a breeding ground for insects and predator. She is now unable to approach her home due to this dangerous wildlife that she can't face alone.

Later, she is advised of Pathfinder Ryder's arrival on Havarl and she wonders what Ryder is prepared to do in order to help. She may then ask Ryder to help recover her lost data from her computer. If Ryder accept her request, she gives her home's location and remain in contact by comm with Ryder during the search. Eventually, Ryder discovers that her computer is damaged beyond repairs but it appears that it exists a backup of her research in the buried city's network memory center. Finally, Ryder manages to access and recover the research data via an exposed network node on the planet's surface. Eventually, Rasheel thanks Ryder and becomes optimist as she thinks that they will now be able to recover everything that was lost with the disaster.

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