Rachni Brood Warriors are rachni who are much larger and stronger than normal Rachni Soldiers. They are the 'elder males' of the hive that usually mate with the queen. According to historical information, it is said that they only attack when the hive is particularly strained for warriors. The Brood Warrior has abilities comparable to a standard Rachni Soldier, although its attacks inflict more damage. It is also unique among rachni in that it possesses some biotic abilities. Brood Warriors will use Warp, occasionally place a squad member in Stasis, and appear to use a form of Barrier.

Tactics Edit

  • Even though Brood Warriors are only encountered a few times, every encounter should be treated with caution. Their attacks do a lot of damage, and up close, they can easily kill in just a few hits, so keep your distance.
  • Their biotics are a big problem, but you can use biotics against them as well.
    • Like Rachni Soldiers, when they get hit by biotics, they tend to go onto their bellies for a few seconds. This can give you some breathing room and a chance to remove a good chunk of their high health.
  • A few Brood Warriors are encountered while you are in the Mako. The easiest way to kill them from the Mako is to shoot them with the main gun, then use the machine gun to finish them off.
    • Brood Warriors are usually accompanied by Rachni Soldiers – be wary of their acid spit, which goes right through the Mako's shields.
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