Rachni Soldiers are slower but much larger creatures than Rachni Workers, with thin tentacles ending in little pods. These rachni use their bodies as weapons, spitting acid that can cause heavy toxic damage on par with the damage of a sniper round. Their tentacles are capable of impaling close victims. Rachni Soldiers are cunning and like to ambush their enemies, and are most at home in vents and tunnels.

Tactics Edit

  • Their acid-spit ability deal high toxic damage that directly damages health. However, these projectiles are slow-moving and travel in straight lines like bullets. As a result, the damage from them can be similarly mitigated, eg using cover or strafing.
  • Biotic abilities are effective in disabling Rachni Soldiers: knock them on their bellies for a few seconds to give yourself some breathing room and a chance to deal damage to them with impunity. Singularity in particular works wonders against groups of Soldiers.
  • Since Rachni Soldiers are strong in melee, especially when massed, it may be better to engage them at range. If possible, don't wait around in cover too long when fighting them, as they tend to quickly close to melee range.
  • Some Rachni Soldiers can be encountered while you are in the Mako. Killing them from the Mako is easy even if they are in groups: shoot the main cannon in the middle of them, which should knock them down, and then use the machine gun to take them out. Note that their acid spit causes direct hull damage to the Mako, so stay on the move if possible.
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