Rahna is a human chosen for Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training at Gagarin Station in 2168. She is an acquaintance of Kaidan Alenko.

Mass Effect: Foundation Edit

Rahna developed a close bond with Kaidan during their first few months at BAaT, becoming each other's "dorm buddy". Not having talked to any of her family back on Earth since she left half a year ago, Rahna passed over an opportunity to smuggle a message out when one of her and Kaidan's mutual friends rigged an unsanctioned transmitter. She reasoned that her parents would simply report the illicit activity to their administrators and that she didn't know where her brother was stationed at the time.

At a meal break the next day Commander Vyrnnus ordered the students to report to the training room ASAP. Rahna's tray was upended at the sudden flurry of activity and she visibly flinched at the turian's presence, though Kaidan tried to reassure her. Vyrnnus devised a biotic training exercise for the cadets that continued for hours, and Kaidan covered for Rahna when exhaustion began to weaken her. Vyrnnus noticed the gesture and began to taunt her with a glass of water.

Rahna, who was in line for water during the meal break, was so thirsty she tried to get the glass with her right hand instead of biotics. Vyrnnus biotically obliterated the glass and fractured the offending arm bad enough for bone to peek out, sending Kaidan into a rage that ended in the turian's death. In the immediate aftermath Rahna refused Kaidan's concerns, utterly terrified at what he just did.

Rahna refused to talk with Kaidan after the incident and rejected his justifications during his departure from BAaT. Intellectually she understood his actions though in her view killing a problem didn't make things right. She waved a final goodbye as she turned her back on him and walked away.

Mass Effect Edit

By 2183 Rahna is a character whom Kaidan Alenko refers to throughout his discussions with Commander Shepard. Born to a wealthy Turkish family, Rahna was one of the biotic potentials sent to BAaT when the Alliance and Conatix Industries first organized the training program. On Jump Zero, she had a close circle of friends, including Kaidan, who describes her as smart, charming and gentle: everybody loved her and protected her.

Rahna was terrified of her instructor, Commander Vyrnnus, and with good reason. When Rahna became exhausted under his brutal regime and tried to pick up a glass of water with her hand rather than use her biotics, Vyrnnus punished her by breaking her arm. Kaidan retaliated, lost control, and accidentally killed Vyrnnus with a "full on biotic kick". Though Rahna had been scared of Vyrnnus, now Kaidan scared her even more and things never worked out between them afterwards. It is unknown what happened to Rahna after BAaT was shut down.

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