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“I like the power.”

Randall Ezno is a veteran Cerberus operative tasked with capturing aliens for study some time in 2186 during the Reaper War.[1] [2] Randall is an Infiltrator who received extensive upgrades to his biotic and tech abilities via use of neuronal implants, more than any other human test subject on his main station.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator[]

While Randall is hunting down a turian for Cerberus on an Ice Giant, he finds out during the mission that he has been extensively modified with implants and that he has taken to them much faster than most Cerberus operatives. He is not aware that the implants were supposed to have indoctrinated him, although he eventually finds out that they have failed.

He comes into a Cerberus space station called "the Barn" after finishing his mission. Shortly after landing, the base is attacked by the Turian Hierarchy and he has to fight them off alongside Cerberus troops and mechs. He is then summoned by Inali for a debriefing. Along the way, he loses contact with her and proceeds to try to find out what happened.

He begins to hear a voice that claims to be a volus hacker in his radio that leads him to Inali, who "volunteered" to receive implants. Randall stands against the brutal treatment that his handler undergoes and is then attacked by waves of Cerberus troops as he rages.

Following the advices of the volus hacker, he begins to swift through the base. The volus assures Randall that if he can make it to the communications tower, they will all (Inali included) be rescued by the Systems Alliance. The space station is then transformed into a warzone by Randall and the test subjects released by his volus ally.

Randall faces waves of Cerberus troops, mechs, turrets, and escaped alien test subjects including a mutated, cybernetically modified krogan named X1 on his trek to the communications tower. Once there, he manages to contact the Alliance and arranges pickup on a nearby Desert Planet.

Once there, Randall encounters a heavily modified Inali controlled by the Director. Their fight culminates in Randall's victory. He can either spare Inali's life or kill her, depending on his psychological inclination. Either way, he vows to take revenge on the Cerberus Director that experimented on Inali. Randall leaves the planet to fulfill his promise, and provides valuable intel on Cerberus operations to the Systems Alliance.


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Randall uses Cerberus modified versions of common weapons that can be updated in the game's store at any time.


Main article: Abilities (Mass Effect: Infiltrator)

Randall can use a wide variety of tech, biotic, and combat abilities which can be upgraded in the game's Store.


  • It is implied that Randall's biotic abilities are a result of Cerberus's implants rather than being a "natural" biotic.
  • Randall wears Cerberus armor and bears the markings of Cerberus implants on his face not unlike those of Commander Shepard following the Lazarus Project.
  • Randall's implants and biotics will glow according to his morality: red from Renegade choices and blue from Paragon choices.[3]