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Virus-infested Geth Consensus

Geth fighter squadrons are targeting quarian liveships with attacks that could cripple the quarian fleet. Land on Rannoch and disable the server controlling the geth fighter squadrons.


Legion/Geth VI informs Commander Shepard of the server's location during the dreadnought after-mission debrief.


This mission must be completed prior to starting Priority: Rannoch, as it will not be available afterwards. It awards you up to two Intel Terminal upgrades simply for completing it.

This is a no-combat mission, involving only minor problem-solving skills. Although you are asked to select squadmates for this mission, they won't really participate in it, and they'll only talk during cutscenes.

The only things you should "prepare" for is which armor set you should wear, and/or which squadmates would you like to hear (generic) lines from.


To start this mission, orbit the planet Rannoch and select Geth Comm Hub. You will be treated to a long scene from shuttle ride to the geth server hub where you can interject your opinions on the issue. Morality points can be earned at this juncture even before commencing the mission proper, which starts with you stepping into an interface pod that will allow you to visit the geth on their home turf. Said interface pod is the result of the geth making improvements to organic-synthetic interfaces; Project Overlord is namedropped, and if you did the DLC in Mass Effect 2 your involvement as well. Legion/Geth VI tags along, mainly to distract the geth while you do the heavy lifting.

After the cutscene, you will exit the interface pod's virtual equivalent to find yourself inside the Geth Consensus. You will have no shields during your stay, but don't be alarmed as they're useless here anyway. Virtual planks appear beneath your feet to carve out a path, meaning you will always have ground to step on even if you're sprinting as long as you're going the right way. It is also impossible to fall off them. As you move forward you will find Reaper code infections, shown as yellow-orange tendrils, obstructing you and preventing new planks from forming. This will make the steps that they're supposed to continue from glow red.

So that's what the gun is for

To proceed, you must destroy the tendrils using the Geth Combat Software - your "gun". It regenerates "ammo" so you won't have to worry on running out. The tendrils can only be destroyed on their weak points, which glow orange, as the gun has no effect elsewhere. Your powers also have no effect on them. You don't need to eradicate the tendrils all the way to the walls, merely clearing enough for the platform paths to appear is sufficient.

Disrupt the obstructing infections as you make your way to the first access point. Enter the first access point, and in a flash of light you will be transported to the next portion of the Geth Consensus. You will be told that your access is denied and you must investigate further.

After exiting the access point, you are notified of data-clusters containing infected code which you need to disrupt to gain access. Shoot your way through the first barrier showing up, then search the tendril to your left; a small collection of orange data fragments floating around the solid code contains a Reaper Code Fragment which you can retrieve and give to an asari looking for it on the Citadel. The data tendril cannot be destroyed, nor can the data fragments, however it can be interacted with (like a terminal or datapad) so you can get it. It is very easy to miss.

Geth don't have crappy antivirus capabilities, they just accessed way too many ads and popups

Proceed to disrupt the infection of the data-clusters which takes the form of a large sphere. When clearing data-clusters, you don't need to eradicate the tendril infection connecting it to the walls, but you do need to clear the infection on the sphere, at three contact points. Successful eradication of a contact point will be followed by a distinctive audio cue. There are three data-clusters in the area, but to proceed to the next one you need to clear the first.

Once you liberate the first data-cluster, the infection enveloping the sphere disappears and a historical video will be played (on the PC you may need to hit 'V' to make the video play). This tells you of the origins of the geth, both the word and the synthetics. Playing the video is optional, but it will give you the intel for Improved Geth Resistors. Shepard asks why the quarians are shown masked in the historical footage, and Legion in turn asks how many quarians you've seen unmasked. If Tali was romanced in Mass Effect 2, Shepard says he only ever saw one, to which Legion replies that Shepard's perception does not match the historical data. Warning: Proceeding to the next data-cluster without playing the video may forfeit your right to play it, costing you the dialogue. The intel, however, can still be picked up on the second data-cluster.

The price for collecting seven zettabytes' worth of porn is extensive indoctrination

A new path will be revealed which leads to the next data-cluster. As before, repeat the disruption process and another optional video is revealed after you are done clearing the infection. It's about the geth resisting shutdown commands, beginning to disobey their creators. Finally, proceed to the third data-cluster, but just sit back and watch the video since this data-cluster is uninfected. This time the geth are being massacred, until one picks up a weapon to defend itself and its fellow geth. Once the video ends, enter the access point revealed in front of you.

As the scene switches over to reality, a short cutscene shows one of your team members is being contacted by Admiral Raan, notifying that half of the geth fighters in pursuit stopped functioning, most likely due to the actions you've taken.

Back in the virtual world, you are informed that the Reaper code has adapted and can now self-replicate. If you attempt to disrupt the infection in front of you, it will restore itself. Thus, you need to search along the code trail and target its vulnerable point which is just above you. Disrupt the infection to continue.

Unlike the preceding infected data-clusters, you will need to cut off the tendrils at their distant weakpoints BEFORE attacking the sphere contact points

As you proceed further, you will find another data-cluster. Similarly, you need to search for a vulnerability along the infection trails before you can disrupt the self-replicating code. Once you have cleared all infections, the data cluster reveals another video recording: quarians who sympathize with the geth, and jailed by their peers for doing so. Watching this video gives you the Miniaturized Armor Capacitors Intel.

Proceed to the next data-cluster and repeat the same process; the only difference here is the self-replicating code has either one or two vulnerable points. Search for them thoroughly. Again, a video data will be played after clearing the infection: martial law on quarian worlds, and the eventual elimination of the geth's quarian supporters.

The last data-cluster is uninfected and shows the quarian exodus at the end of the Morning War. The geth did not pursue: the exact reasons have subtle distinctions depending on whether you're talking to Legion or the Geth VI. If Legion was activated in Mass Effect 2, another video data depicts Shepard's first encounter with Legion. This scene will not occur if the Geth VI is present. The access point will be activated after the end of this sequence.

When you proceed to the access point, you will be shown another cutscene showing the rest of the geth squadron have ceased functioning. Instead of directly bringing you back to the real world, you emerge a few meters away from the real exit, so go there; Legion/Geth VI tells you there are no more geth in the server, but its connection is getting choppy. Once Shepard's back to reality, a dozen or so Geth Primes exit their pods as well, surrounding your squad. They do not attack, but volunteer to join you in the fight against the Reapers instead.

Completing this mission gives you 12,500 credits, adds Geth Prime Platoon to your War Assets, and fulfills an obligatory requirement for the geth-quarian peace process.


  • A Geth Prime Platoon becomes an available war asset. It will disappear if the geth are destroyed in Priority: Rannoch.
  • James will appear in the Normandy's kitchen area. Javik joins him if the Prothean has been acquired.
  • Completing this mission will reset Shepard's equipped weapon to a default pistol, a side effect of the Commander's use of the geth "combat software". Be sure to check your loadout before beginning your next mission to avoid an unfortunate surprise.
  • Depending on which mission has been completed first (Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons or Rannoch: Admiral Koris), one of the two arguments below will occur:
    • Admiral Xen starts arguing with Tali. Shepard can choose to "support" one or the other. Supporting Admiral Xen gives you the Advanced AI Relays war asset.
    • Admiral Raan starts arguing with Admiral Gerrel. Shepard can choose to "support" one or the other. Supporting Admiral Raan reduces the value of the Quarian Heavy Fleet war asset by 10. Supporting Admiral Gerrel increases the value of the same by 25.
  • If Legion is around instead of Geth VI, you will receive an email from the recently liberated Geth Primes.

From: Invalid Extranet Domain

Geth programs in hardware designation: Legion have requested prime runtimes update Shepard-Commander on platform status. Complying. Prime platforms housed in server 02241-14511 remain stationed on Rannoch. Creator forces prevent transfer of prime platforms to geth transport vessels. Cessation of Creator-geth conflict required to assist Shepard-Commander/designated allies. Awaiting conflict-status update.


  • Upon viewing the hologram of Shepard and Legion's first interaction, it should be noted that Shepard is wearing the Mass Effect 3 Cerberus uniform instead of the one from Mass Effect 2. The Shepard hologram is also based on Shepard's current appearance, even if Shepard looked different in Mass Effect 2 (i.e., if the player imported a Mass Effect 2 save and then further customized Shepard's appearance).
  • At the end of the mission as their servers are shutting down, if the geth VI is in the playthrough, the subtitles will still refer to it as Legion.
  • As Shepard leaves the access pod and returns to reality, EDI will provide a status update to the squad. Even if EDI is part of Shepard's crew, the first piece of dialogue is spoken with radio static, as if EDI was transmitting from the Normandy. During this dialogue, EDI as she appears in the cutscene does not seem to open her mouth, or otherwise animate.