Rear Admiral Mikhailovich is a Systems Alliance Admiral serving in the Fifth Fleet; specifically, he commands the 63rd Scout Flotilla.

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Mikhailovich waits for Commander Shepard on the Alliance docking bay when the Normandy returns to the Citadel. He curtly reveals to Shepard that he is to perform a surprise inspection of the Normandy. If present in the squad, either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko salutes him on sight.

After the inspection is complete, Mikhailovich expresses his anger that the Normandy was placed under the command of Shepard, as the ship was originally to be a part of his flotilla. He believes the vessel is overdesigned, costing a huge amount of credits that could have been better spent elsewhere; the frigate cost as much as a heavy cruiser. He claims the stealth system, which allows the Normandy to operate undetected in enemy systems or covertly drop infiltration units on hostile planets, is not worth the price: "(warships) are meant to find and destroy the enemy, not count how many times their garrisons go to the bathroom!" He also criticises the price of the Normandy's drive core, its several turian design innovations and the ship's multi-species crew.

Shepard can either be diplomatic in their responses, convincing the Admiral of the Normandy's usefulness, or be aggressive and justify the Alliance's need to show its power. The responses influence how positive the Admiral's report will be. Alternatively, Shepard may use Spectre authority to flatly refuse the Rear Admiral access to the Normandy.

If the Admiral is convinced of the Normandy's usefulness, he states that his report to the Joint Military Council wouldn't be as negative as he had planned it. He then wishes the Commander luck on their mission.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

During the Battle of the Citadel, Mikhailovich led the 63rd Scout Flotilla against Sovereign. The 63rd suffered the fewest losses of any Alliance flotilla and provided critical support to the Fifth Fleet. Mikhailovich was promoted from Rear Admiral to Admiral after the battle and tasked with rebuilding and upgrading his ships. Admiral Mikhailovich aids in the war against the Reapers, but only if the Council was not saved during the battle.

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  • In Mass Effect 3, Admiral Mikhailovich's first name is stated to be Boris; however, an Alliance News Network report states his full name to be Peter Mikhailovich.[1]
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