Rebel Soldier is a passive Combat skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Improves Jaal's offensive capabilities.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Weapon Training - +15% Weapon Damage

+15% Weapon Force

2 Power Training - +15% Power Damage

+15% Power Force

3 Efficiency - +15% Weapon Rate of Fire

+15% All Power Recharge Speeds

4 Suppressive Fire Enemies Jaal shoots deal less damage for a time. Enemy Damage Reduction: -20%

Duration (s): 5

4 Shredding Rounds Enemies Jaal shoots take extra damage for a time. Damage Over Time: 17

Duration (s): 5

5 Precision - +15% Weapon Damage
5 Coverage - +15% Power Area of Effect Radius

+15% Power Damage
+15% Power Force

6 Momentum† Jaal deals more power damage for a short time after taking down an enemy. Power Damage: 20%

Duration (s): 5

6 Destabilization† Jaal deals more rifle damage after using a power. Weapon Damage: 20%

Duration (s): 5

Note: †Rank 6 is unavailable to Jaal until his loyalty mission Jaal Ama Darav: Flesh and Blood is completed.

Player Notes Edit

Mechanics Edit

  • Notes about the skill's mechanics

Strategies Edit

  • Notes about the skill's strategies

Availability Edit

  • Single-player: Jaal Ama Darav - Starting Combat Skill
  • Multiplayer: N/A
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