Reginald Tudge is an the captain of the luxury cruiser vessel, the Arcturian Jade.

The Arcturian Jade and its captain are travelling to the Citadel when they attacked by batarian terrorists. Luckily, Jacob Taylor uses his combat experience kept from his time with the Alliance to battle the batarians and defend the crew and passengers. After intercepting the batarians as they head to the bridge, Jacob confronts and questions the batarian leader, who reveals his motives for the attack. After defeating the batarians and saving the Arcturian Jade, Jacob will meet the captain of the cruiser, Reginald Tudge, who will speak in the name of his crew and passengers. On behalf of them, he thanks Jacob for his intervention and calls him the hero of the Arcturian Jade.

Captain Tudge will explain that the attack occurs so fast that he couldn't react. In fact, the Arcturian Jade is cruiser ship which is not equipped for things like that. He will also warn Jabob that they are already headed to the Citadel and that they will arrive in no time at all. At the end, Reginald Tudge offers Jacob his choice of cabins for the remainder of the journey to the Citadel.

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