Remnant Core is a collectible resource in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Analysis Edit

This compact core of Remnant circuitry and power cells has a limited self-repair capability. Properly stimulated, it might be able to “seed” similar tech into other devices.

Acquisition Edit

These cores may be acquired by defeating Remnant Architects in the wild and interfacing with them, or by discovering them inside vaults.

  • Remnant cores can be obtained by interfacing with a defeated remnant Architect and looting the container that spawns, or found within containers within certain remnant vaults.
  • Remnant cores can also be found in caches randomly.

Specific Uses Edit

Remnant Core is only used for two items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The total amount of Remnant Core listed is for one crafted copy of each item.

Item Item Type Remnant Core Required Notes
Heleus Armor Armor 32 Ranks I - X
Heleus Helmet Armor 22 Ranks I - X
Total - 54 -

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