Remnant Polymer is a collectible resource in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Analysis Edit

A synthetic polymer of incredible durability and conductive properties, fashioned by Remnant technology through unknown means.

Acquisition Edit

Remnant polymers can be acquired by defeating Remnant enemies or dismantling their weapons and armor. They can also be purchased from certain merchants.

Specific Uses Edit

Remnant Polymer is used for a medium number of items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The total amount of Remnant Polymer listed is for one crafted copy of each item.

Item Item Type Remnant Polymer Required Notes
Equalizer Pistols 370 Ranks I - X
Heleus Armor Armor 845 Ranks I - X
Heleus Helmet Armor 475 Ranks I - X
Inferno Sniper Rifles 460 Ranks I - X
P.A.W. Assault Rifles 460 Ranks I - X
Remnant Arms Armor 170 Ranks I - X
Remnant Chest Armor 550 Ranks I - X
Remnant Helmet Armor 170 Ranks I - X
Remnant Legs Armor 170 Ranks I - X
Scattershot Shotguns 460 Ranks I - X
Shadow Sniper Rifles 370 Ranks I - X
Sweeper Assault Rifles 370 Ranks I - X
Total - 4870 -

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