A Research Center is a research and development platform normally assigned to outposts and some select Initiative starships. Advanced minifacturing capability (small-scale manufacture) and information processing allows the Research Center to develop new technology and build it almost on the spot. They are also used to build powerful augmentations that enhance the capability of equipment.

Given the Initiative's current limitations, bandwidth and resource allocation to Research Centers is carefully monitored. The Nexus underlines the importance of new discoveries by rewarding scans and information gathered via a points system. Commonly referred to as Research Data Points (RD), these can be used for access time at Research Centers to discover or create new blueprints.

Overview Edit

Research centers allow Ryder to research available blueprints and develop (craft) new items when sufficient Resources are available.

Note: Any ND1 Nomad items will be unavailable until the Nomad is unlocked during A Better Beginning.

Research Edit

Main article: Research (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Ryder isn't able to craft items until a blueprint has been research with sufficient RD. Once a blueprint has been researched, Ryder can craft the item.

Development Edit

Main article: Research (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Once researched blueprints are available, Ryder can craft new items with available resources.

Available Locations Edit

Research centers are available in numerous locations. Any Forward Station located inside of an Initiative outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon will contain a Research Center.

Location Specific Location Prerequisites
Aya Docks Available After Completing A Trail of Hope
Elaaden Elaaden Outpost Available after Settling Elaaden
Eos Prodromos Available after A Better Beginning
Eos Site 1: Promise Available during A Better Beginning
Havarl Pelaav Research Station Available After Helping Havarl's Scientists
Kadara Ditaeon Available After Settling Kadara
Kadara Kadara Port Available After The First Landing On Kadara
Nexus Tech Lab Available After A Better Beginning
Tempest Research Room Available The First Time Boarding The Tempest
Voeld Taerve Uni Available After Settling Voeld
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