Research Technicians are people who are employed by Cerberus to conduct research at the various installations utilized by the organization. Technicians are biotics and are also armed with pistols.

Technicians are conducting research at various installations on Binthu. They are conducting research on organisms like Rachni Workers, Rachni Soldiers, and Thorian Creepers for unknown reasons.

Tactics Edit

Technicians are biotics, and will frequently use attacks like Throw and Lift for attacking and keeping their enemies off-guard. They will also use their biotics for defense by using Barrier. They cannot make the most of their biotic attacks, however, since they are only armed with pistols; yet beware their Cerberus Commando allies. Often Shepard can use cover and careful movements to sneak up on the technician (and other Cerberus personnel), allowing the player to let loose the first shots of an encounter.

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