Created to liberate their homes from the oppressive onslaught of the kett invasion, the Resistance is an angaran insurgency movement in the Heleus Cluster of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Overview Edit

The primary source of opposition against the kett prior to the arrival of the Andromeda Initiative in Heleus, the Resistance is an alliance of once-disparate rebel movements struggling to free the cluster from the grip of the invaders, united beneath a single banner under the leadership of Evfra de Tershaav. Witnessing first-hand how ineffective these small, scattered bands were against the overwhelming might of the kett, Evfra began the laborious process of bringing them together into a single force, gaining material support and new recruits from the civilian population and eventually bringing the other rebel leaders in line. With the destruction of the angara's formal military forces during the early phases of the kett invasion, the Resistance serves as the first line of defense for the angaran people, and maintains close ties with their political leadership. The Resistance Headquarters is located on Aya, though they maintain bases across the Heleus Cluster in support of local cells, most notably on Voeld.

Codex Edit

The arrival of the kett stunned and then divided the angara. As described by Jaal, infighting was used as a means of conquest by the kett, but the presence of a common enemy eventually galvanized the angara to work together. The various resistance groups merged into the organized Angaran Resistance roughly five years ago under Evfra de Tershaav's command, supported by prominent families and determined to stop their kett oppressors.

The Resistance's headquarters are on Aya. For security reasons, neither Evfra nor Jaal will provide details of the Resistance's organizational structure, but it can be assumed there are multiple independent cells across the cluster. Many non-Resistance angara support their work either logistically or financially. The Resistance specializes in assassination, sabotage of kett facilities, deployment of supplies to besieged populations, and the rescue and rehabilitation of angaran prisoners.

Many members of the Angaran Resistance have joined up with the Nexus militia, enlisting APEX support for their missions. Some senior officers have opened treaty negotiations with the Nexus.

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