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It's really smaller than it seems

The Resistance Headquarters on Aya is the Angaran Resistance's main base of operations. It coordinates the various Resistance efforts throughout the Heleus Cluster.


The headquarters is located furthest east from the capital city's Docks. To its immediate west is the Repository of History.

Several armed guards are posted near entrances. Northeast from the main entrance leads to Resistance leader Evfra de Tershaav's office. Southeast leads downstairs to the Infirmary and an underground training facility. Overseen by a hardnosed Resistance Captain, the training facility is where Resistance members test their combat mettle against themselves or holographic enemies. Quartermaster Istaal sells items from this place, and Cora Harper often loiters here to observe the drills.

Lining the hallways of the headquarters are numerous terminals, often with an angara working on them. Evfra's own chambers has a gigantic viewscreen and staffed with more operations personnel. It is built in such a way that the northern Aya landscape as well as the training facility can be viewed from here.

Outside the headquarters proper, the nearby Holographic Message Terminal and fast travel station aren't technically counted as part of the headquarters, but they are for some purposes.



Priority Ops
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks


Recruitment efforts: Kadara Port

Translated from Shelesh:

Things are as bad as we thought. The deserters don't care about anyone but themselves. Recruitment efforts have found zero traction. Ironically, we've had better luck gaining support from the new aliens. A small group pledged to support the Resistance and alert us to future kett activities on Kadara. It seems unlikely the enemy would give up on the planet so easily, but maybe the presence of these new aliens has confused them.

Regardless, I recommend we abandon recruitment efforts and instead focus on infiltration of the local population using deep-cover agents. I'll submit a list of candidates in my next report.

- Raske

Casualty Report: Voeld

Translated from Shelesh:

Severe whiteout conditions have made casualty confirmations difficult. Expect these numbers to be adjusted in the next update. Hopefully, they'll be lower.

Kett ambushed a night patrol in the Lundraan Crevasse: 3 dead, 2 wounded, 1 missing.

Squad missing outside Techiix, presumed captured: 4 missing

Sniper caught in avalanche on southern slope, presumed dead: 1 missing

A shuttle suffered mechanical failure, made hard landing on Steen Ridge: 2 wounded

Argument in the barracks got out of hand: 1 wounded, mostly in his pride

- End report

People are getting nervous

Translated from Shelesh:

Commander de Tershaav,

No one questions your thinking and we all understand that the circumstances we're facing are unprecedented. However, you should know that people are talking in the barracks about these new "Nexus" aliens. Setting aside how they look, smell, and behave, how can we be expected to trust these things with access to our most secure world?

On behalf of my unit, we submit that this so-called "Pathfinder crew" shouldn't be permitted to roam the city without an escort. We're keeping close watch on them (don't worry, we're not letting them see us), but it would be easier if we could assign a guard to each visitor whenever they're on Aya. We hope you'll consider this option.