“You look like you're waiting for someone.”

Reyes Vidal is a prominent fixture of Kadara's underworld. Besides his smuggling operations, he deals in valuable information between the fractious factions in- and off-world.

Reyes can be romanced by either male or female Ryder.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Reyes didn't participate in the Nexus uprising, but he still thought Director Tann's mishandling of the situation didn't inspire too much confidence. Deciding he could do better on his own, he left with the exiles.

Following his departure from the Nexus, Reyes made a name for himself as a premier intelligence broker. The Angaran Resistance bestowed him the code name "Shena", or "mouth", in recognition of his services. He had been working with the Resistance for a few months; Evfra de Tershaav appointed him as an informant following Outcast leader Sloane Kelly's takeover of Kadara Port. Reyes thinks he was right as exiles were more keen to talk around fellow exiles rather than angara.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[edit | edit source]

Free drinks with strings attached

Reyes first meets Pathfinder Ryder in Kralla's Song, introducing himself as Shena but quickly discarding it in favor of his name since he claims he dislikes code names. He orders two drinks from Umi Henon, though if Ryder declines one Reyes gulps down both in quick succession.

Reyes breaks out the news that Vehn Terev has been arrested by the Outcasts under Sloane. As the angara is slated for execution when his crimes became public, Reyes tells Ryder Sloane will be unwilling to hand over Vehn. Should the Pathfinder express indifference over Sloane's aims, Reyes gleefully informs Ryder they're going to be friends. Reyes advises Ryder to speak with Sloane first while he coordinates with the Resistance for another way to get to Vehn.

As Reyes leaves the bar Ryder wonders how they're going to contact the smuggler; he just winks in response. It turns out he never paid Umi for the drinks, forcing Ryder to cover the tab whether they drank one or not.

If Ryder pissed off Sloane at their first meeting and was consequently denied clearance to see Vehn, Reyes loiters outside Outcast Headquarters to inform them of a workaround. He transmits the access code to a nearby maintenance shaft leading to the prison, and he hands over an untraceable corrosive that will eat through Vehn's prison bars, allowing the traitor to break out and fall into the hands of waiting Resistance personnel. Should Ryder think Vehn could escape their clutches, Reyes assures them measures have been taken to prevent it.

Reyes' VIP chamber in the slums

Whichever way the situation with Vehn was handled, Reyes moves back to his usual hangout in the Tartarus nightclub in Kadara Slums. He bluntly tells the Pathfinder they have a low approval rating among Kadara folks, though he offers himself as a confidante for intel or anything else.

Murder in Kadara Port[edit | edit source]

Since Sloane and the Outcasts are enemies of the Nexus and do not trust the Initiative, Ryder enlists the help of Reyes to gain some information, but in return for his help, Reyes asks the Pathfinder to help him with other tasks. This includes proving the Roekaar are behind the attacks on Kadara Port. He believes SAM's assistance in finding and analyzing evidence would bring the Roekaar to justice.

A People Divided[edit | edit source]

Should Ryder continue to help prove Reyes' theory about Roekaar complicity in the murders, Reyes keeps in contact through comms while the Pathfinder investigates Charybdis Point. When Ryder gathers enough clues for conclusive proof, Reyes informs them he has located the Roekaar hideout while the Pathfinder was busy. He transmits the coordinates for the hideout on Draullir, though he isn't there when the Pathfinder arrives, leaving the team to be captured by the Roekaar.

Reyes arrives at the nick of time, shooting off a firaan from Roekaar cell leader Farah Noskos' hand before it could be used against the Pathfinder. He justifies being late, as he somehow managed to sneak explosives into the hideout that detonate and create a diversion. He then assists the squad in clearing the Roekaar out with his Zalkin, later quipping about loving a happy ending when logs are discovered in the base directly corroborating Roekaar participation in the murders.

Precious Cargo[edit | edit source]

A rival smuggler named Zia Cordier has stolen cargo from Reyes. Hoping to retrieve the cargo before his client discovers it's missing, Reyes asks Pathfinder Ryder to help him locate Zia. When questioning Umi Henon for information about her whereabouts, Umi will reveal that Zia had romantic history with Reyes. After tracking down Zia and discovering the cargo was empty, Reyes and Ryder discover it was all an elaborate trap by Zia to take Reyes out since he's been taking all the good jobs in Kadara. The smugglers were unsuccessful however, as Reyes and Ryder kill Zia and her men.

Night on the Town[edit | edit source]

In the midst of Ryder's quest to settle Kadara, Reyes can invite them to be his plus one to one of Sloane Kelly's parties, which can be accepted or declined.

If the Pathfinder agrees to go with Reyes, at the party he introduces his friend Keema Dohrgun, the angaran representative to Sloane. Reyes urges Ryder to mingle while he goes off to take care of something.

Eventually Ryder can catch him rummaging through Sloane's storeroom. After distracting the guard who catches them, Reyes reveals he was using the party to steal a bottle of 645-year-old Mount Milgrom whiskey from Sloane. Reyes and Ryder drink the bottle on top of a roof as they enjoy the scenery of Kadara. While drinking, Reyes confides in Ryder that he came to Andromeda to be someone important.

High Noon[edit | edit source]

Reyes the smuggler and secret Collective leader

The Collective's leader, the Charlatan, has turned some of Sloane's men and used them to beat up her second in command, Kaetus. After Ryder agrees to accompany Sloane to meet with the Charlatan, Ryder and Sloane come face to face with Reyes, who ominously tells them they look like they're waiting for someone. As it turns out, Reyes is the Charlatan, and even Ryder is blindsided until this moment. Reyes challenges Sloane to a one on one duel, and whoever wins takes Kadara Port.

Reyes doesn't leave anything to chance and has a hidden sniper nearby waiting to take Sloane out. Ryder spots the glint of the sniper's scope, and must decide whether to firmly stand with the Outcasts or back the Collective's play.

If Ryder sides with Sloane by tackling her to the ground, the sniper misses, and Sloane manages to shoot Reyes' pistol out of his hand. Reyes runs and is pursued by Ryder, who can then choose to shoot him or not. If Ryder shoots, Reyes is injured through the shoulder. if not, Reyes takes a moment to smile and wave goodbye. In either case he makes it to his getaway transport and flies off.

In the aftermath, Sloane retains her power in Kadara Port and Reyes goes in hiding.

The Charlatan fakes out the killing shot

If Ryder chooses not to interrupt, Sloane is killed by a single shot. Reyes rubs his victory in Sloane's face as she slumps to the ground. He's grateful for Ryder's decision as he believes Sloane would have brought war to Heleus, and they don't have the population to survive that.

Ryder can address feeling betrayed for not being told his secret earlier, or agree with the assessment. If they ask why Reyes didn't trust them, he reasons he didn't want the knowledge of his alter ego to taint their friendship. He assures them Reyes Vidal is the name his mother gave him.

Back in Kadara Slums, Reyes resumes lounging in his spot inside Tartarus. He explains he will run Kadara Port from the shadows, continuing to remain anonymous and work through his front, Keema Dohrgun. If Ryder continues antagonizing Reyes, he declares the Pathfinder is being a dick though he's worked with much worse.

Subequently, he helps Ryder against the kett in the final battle for Meridian.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Ryder can show interest in Reyes, starting with asking him out for drinks if Sloane was antagonized during the request for Vehn Terev and consequently Reyes enacts a backup plan.

Following Vehn's fate, if he was executed Reyes is impressed with Ryder reasoning with Sloane because a reasonable Sloane doesn't normally happen. Ryder can exude confidence in their skills, and Reyes chuckles in agreement.

When asked about what "Shena" means, Reyes explains it's angaran for "mouth" as he's good with words. Ryder recognizes the double entendre and asks if he's also good with "other things", and he confirms he's never had any complaints.

During the investigation of murders in Kadara Port, Reyes requests SAM's help in analyzing the clues and tells the Pathfinder this could be a chance to win friends in the port. When Ryder flirts with him, he adds SAM is integral to the plan while the Pathfinder is a bonus.

When the culprit has been exposed and neutralized with Reyes' help, Ryder tells him they make a good team. The smuggler jokingly warns he'll start thinking they like him, at which point Ryder can confirm the notion.

When Zia Cordier stole Reyes' cargo, he deems it perfect timing when Ryder comes to him as per his request. The two engage in gentle bantering before going down to business.

While questioning Umi Henon, Reyes claims Ryder will foot the bill for her services. The Pathfinder expects a favor in return, and Reyes tells them they're one person he'll be happy to owe something. Umi reveals Zia was Reyes' ex-girlfriend, and the Pathfinder's surprised to know. Reyes is flustered and tries to claim they merely had occasional drinks together. Ryder wants to clarify if this mission is about business or personal, and Reyes assures them it's about the cargo.

Later when confronting Zia, who's irritated at Reyes' greediness, Ryder defends the smuggler and claims he's a better man than she thinks. After the ensuing shootout, Reyes reflects on what Ryder said and is grateful for it.

For Sloane's "necessary" social gathering, Reyes asks Ryder to be his plus-one. Shortly after arrival he leaves the Pathfinder in Keema Dohrgun's hands as he has some things to take care of. Ryder's slightly miffed, though Reyes promises to make up for it. They catch him in a stockroom rummaging through Sloane's stuff, and Ryder thinks he's up to something. As Reyes has been promising one thing after another he's also called out on this. However, a guard approaches and Reyes deems they need a distraction. Ryder proceeds to make out with him, flustering the guard into going elsewhere.

The reason for Reyes' behavior becomes apparent after a few more monents in Sloane's hoard: the only bottle of Mount Milgrom whiskey in Andromeda. After stealing the whiskey, Ryder and Reyes loiter in one of the port's rooftops and share the bottle with each other. The Pathfinder can confess Reyes means something to them, and they make out again under Kadara's sun.

Following the reveal of Reyes being the Charlatan, if Slone was killed, Ryder asks why Reyes didn't tell them who he really was. He confesses that he didn't want Ryder to have their perception of him colored by the ruthless rumors about the Charlatan. Ryder can either realize it'll be fine and affirm their relationship, or recognize the trust issue is a dealbreaker and end the relationship.

If the romance continues, the pair make out again in the caves. Reyes remarks the Pathfinder has bad taste in men, and Ryder agrees.

Back on Tartarus, Reyes surprises Ryder with an intimate dance as payback for standing them up during their first date. He confides he had to keep a lot of secrets for his own survival since leaving the Nexus, and he doesn't want any more of those when it comes to Ryder. Should Ryder agree they call him "encrypted", and he counters to "consider him hacked" in equally cheesy banter.

After Ryder's victory speech in the aftermath of the Archon's defeat, Reyes gives a flirty wink and a smile before walking away. He invites Ryder to fool around in a storage room.

Correspondence[edit | edit source]

If the Collective are allowed to win Kadara Port:

Don't worry about Kadara

To: Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal

Everything's in place protection-wise for your new outpost in port, trade is up and morale is good. Our partnership is working out in all fronts. Not that I had any doubt.

You keep playing the hero, and I'll make sure Kadara stays ours.

Thinking of you always,

If romanced after dancing with Reyes in Tartarus:

You know...

To: Ryder

From: Reyes Vidal

It's hard to focus with all these flashbacks to a certain cave.

I blame you.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

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