Roaan Aabel is an angara bartender in The Tavetaan on Aya.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Roaan Aabel is a friendly angara that willing offers the Pathfinder a drink. If the Pathfinder is interested in the nutrient paste serve at the establishment, Roaan can answer. He explains that nearly everything grown by the angara is sent straight to processing. While not as good as fresh fruit, Roaan proudly states that a single harvest from Aya can feed an entire planet. In addition they are able to ship some off-world. If Ryder displays interest on its efficiency in relieving food shortages, Roann offers to send sample to the Tempest.

When asked about the Tavetaan, as Ryder is unable to translate it with his translator, Roaan goes onto explain the subtle uses of tavetaan stating it could mean 'old friend' if it's a person or a location you someone home to it would be his bar.

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