Disambiguous This article is about the drones in Mass Effect 2. For Advanced drones in Mass Effect, see Advanced Rocket Drone. For geth drones in Mass Effect, see Geth Rocket Drone.
Rocket Drones are autonomous drones equipped with rocket launchers, used in 2185 to guard certain areas.

Capabilities Edit


Rocket Drones typically attack from a distance and at varying heights above the ground. They will often move around to flank enemies.


Most Rocket Drones only possess shielding; once they go down, they are gone. The Rocket Drones on Kopis have health in addition to shields, but this does little to help their survivability. They obviously cannot take cover, but they're very manoeuvrable to compensate.

Tactics Edit

  • Because Rocket Drones only possess shields, using powers and weapons that damage shields quickly are recommended. Powers like Overload and Disruptor Ammo that are good at ripping apart shields are great weapons against these flying enemies.
  • Because they are flying enemies, they are immune to some biotic powers, so if you are going up against them, be sure to bring along a tech expert if you aren't one yourself.
  • On Kopis, the Hammerhead is used to fight the Drones. As the Drones' rockets are not guided, they can be easily avoided by moving while firing the Hammerhead's guided missiles at them.
  • Because Rocket Drones like attack in swarms and are highly manoeuvrable, keep your eyes on them, because they fly from point to point while attacking which can lead to flank attacks.
  • During the Lair of the Shadow Broker, Rocket Drones that appear are affected by Singularity and will fly in circles, making them easier to target.

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