Rolan Quarn is a veteran turian impersonator from Erinle with numerous reported exploits.

Cerberus Daily News Edit

Quarn first comes to public attention when he has been arrested for masquerading as the CEO of a major Illium company. Jaxum Borlin, of Delumcore Systems, died on his holiday. Quarn, having met Borlin, lifted the CEO's biometric data and passed himself off as a tanned Borlin upon return from vacation, successfully running the company for two years until a routine traffic stop tissue sampling caught the discrepancy. In all that time Quarn never touched Borlin's personal accounts, only living off what he personally earned while at the helm of Delumcore Systems.

Details of Quarn's other impersonations come to light at his trial following his arrest for fraud. Quarn had been a stunt driver, sous-chef, martial arts instructor, ambassador, varren tamer, news anchor, and even a stand-up comedian.

He composes a personal message of thanks to his employees at Delumcore Systems before executing a plan to escape. One or more of Quarn's talents may have been useful in the event, as he slips off his tracking bracelet and leads police on an unsuccessful two-hour manhunt around Nos Astra.

Quarn later resurfaces at the Citadel, having stolen the Times Square ball at New Year's Eve 2186 right under C-Sec's noses. Skepticism on the real culprit abounds even when Quarn leaves a note at the scene, duly signed and handprinted, claiming responsibility.

The ball turns up a few months later, intact but still on the Citadel at an undisclosed location. Quarn again leaves a note, this time pointing out C-Sec's incompetence due to lack of proper funding.

Mass Effect 3: Citadel Edit

Rolan Quarn continues to lurk at the Citadel during the Reaper invasion, staking out Elijah Khan's fundraiser at the Silver Coast Casino and observing potential victims. He goes barefaced for the occasion.

Commander Shepard, while on a covert mission to reach Khan, may mingle with Quarn to learn insights about him, Khan, and the crowd. Shepard deduces Quarn's nature and declares (half an) intent to turn him in, only for Quarn to reveal he knows of Shepard's ulterior motives. Their meeting ends in mutual respect.

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