Prerequisite: Acquisition of Jacob: The Gift of Greatness (Mass Effect 2)

The Rosetta Nebula, also known as Caldwell 49 or the Rosette Nebula, is an open cluster in the Monoceros constellation, approximately 5200 light years from Earth.

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Rosetta Nebula

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  • Originally, Rosetta Nebula had four systems. The missing one, called Iota Urania, can be found in game files of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. This system had five planets, respectively called Walden, Erewhon, Mizora, Pala and Cascadia.
  • After completion of N7: Archeological Dig Site, a news report can be heard on the Citadel regarding the events that took place during the assignment. In it, the Rosetta Nebula is referred to as "Aeia Cluster".
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