Roshwar Linn is a priestess tending to a corner of the medical wing of the Resistance base on Voeld.

When Pathfinder Ryder notices the symbols along the nearby walls, Linn (or Jaal Ama Darav if he's around) explains that they're in a place of worship where people can practice their faith privately while she administers the blessings. She offers the Pathfinder a blessing, which may be taken or declined.

Linn provides weekly sermons for those who seek them, who in turn spread her words to their families so that they all find the strength she once longed for. Becoming a priestess is hard according to her, requiring one to know darkness in order to lead others to light.

The priestess can educate Ryder on angaran spiritual beliefs. In light of the recent revelations about exaltation, Linn believes that exalted angara are cut off from the reincarnation cycle, causing great heartache among her people.

After the rescue of Moshae Sjefa, Linn is troubled by the deaths of two young angara who thought they can be reborn stronger by dying against the kett and exploiting their belief in reincarnation. If Ryder takes a dismissive stance on the kids' faith, Linn retorts that it is indeed the great question of faith. She tried talking to these "Gloryseekers" but they are disgusted with what they perceive as her cowering behind blessings while the kett ravage everything. She asks the Pathfinder to dissuade any Gloryseekers encountered from throwing their lives away.

If Ryder convinced the Gloryseeker Tej to go to the priestess, Linn confirms that he heeded the advice. His friends also agreed to come and submit to her preaching, and she expresses her gratitude towards the Pathfinder for this second shot at attempting to reach them.

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