Roth's Decoy is an unnamed Cerberus operative who posed as a man named Roth, a major financier of Cerberus, while Roth himself went into hiding to avoid assassination.

In 2161 CE, the decoy took up residence in Roth's living quarters aboard an asteroid-mining facility orbiting the gas giant Themis while Roth left the facility, ostensibly headed for Earth. The following day, a female assassin infiltrated the building and caught him off-guard. Assuming the decoy was Roth, she forced him at knifepoint to transfer a large sum of money to a banker named Barla Von. The decoy surmised that the woman was sent by the Shadow Broker and tricked her into inadvertently admitting that information. He then surprised the assassin by knocking her into a window, allowing him to break free and draw his own weapon, a bladed claw-like hand weapon.

He then revealed his role as a decoy for the true Roth and asked the assassin if she thought the Shadow Broker was the only one with agents like herself. The assassin dismissed Roth as a fool and replied that he needed to be put in his place, once she takes care of his decoy. They fought, with the woman initially gaining the upper-hand by slashing the decoy in the back and disarming him. The decoy then pulled out a gun and managed to shoot the woman in the torso as she dove behind a couch.

As he approached the woman to finish her off, her asked her why the Shadow Broker wanted to kill Roth even though Roth had done nothing to provoke the Broker. The woman countered that Roth was funding a pro-human terrorist organization: Cerberus. The decoy disputed calling Cerberus a terrorist group, even when the woman demanded that he try explaining that to the families of the turians who died on a freighter that Cerberus recently blew up. The decoy claimed that the turians on that ship were slavers, and argued it wasn't terrorism to protect humanity from such people. Saying that, unlike the woman and the Shadow Broker, at least Cerberus stood for something, the decoy prepared to finish her off, but was distracted at the last second by a young boy calling for his "mommy". The woman threw her knife into the decoy's chest and incapacitated him.

Bleeding on the floor, the assassin asked the decoy where the true Roth had gone and threatened to kill him. The decoy refused at first, believing that the woman wouldn't kill him in front of her son, but the woman replied that the boy was not her son. The decoy eventually relented and divulged that Roth had left the facility for Earth. The woman then killed him with a lethal kick to the head and left his body in Roth's quarters.