The SSV Hastings is a frigate of the Systems Alliance, under command of Captain Belliard. In 2165, Lieutenant David Anderson serves aboard the ship as the executive officer. The Hastings is one of many human vessels patrolling the Skyllian Verge, protecting human colonies and research outposts there.

Like all human frigates, she is named after an important battle in human history, in this case the Battle of Hastings of 1066, a pivotal battle in the formation of modern England.

By chance, the Hastings is closest to the Sidon research base at the time of the attack, so she responds to the distress signal. Lieutenant Anderson takes charge of the ground crew of five:

  • Gunnery Chief Jill Dah
  • Corporal Ahmed O'Reilly (tech specialist)
  • Private First Class Dan Shay
  • Private Second Class Indigo Lee

All survive the destruction of the station, although Gunnery Chief Dah is wounded. The vessel travels to the Citadel after the operation.

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